Dora Smora.. I want my fish girl!

"DORA DORA DORA, Mama I want to watch Dora."

That is my daughter’s never ending chant. The only time she is not saying it is when she’s actually watching Dora and even then it sometimes slips out of her mouth. Her sweet little brain not yet able to sensor all that’s going on in there and keep something to itself, like when she’s sitting on my lap all cuddled up and a "I want my Mama" will slip out.

Dora was the first "character" she really latched on to so we indulged the attraction and along came a random Dora item or two… But then the grandparents caught on and suddenly we found ourselves in a flood of DVDs, Hats, Coloring Books, Stickers … you name it and all this from a woman who would not so much as let me have a Holly Hobby poster in my bedroom!

After a few months of the Dora Deluge, I’m up to here with it. Done. No More. But what is a mom to do when that sweet little thing looks up at you with those big blue eyes and says, "Mama, I just want her." So in goes the DVD and Mommy pours another glass of wine.

However, this morning I was shown what is either the light at the end of the tunnel or the very gates of hell themselves. On a whim the other day, I cruised by Disney’s online store only to find their summer items priced ridiculously low for the middle of July. (Hello! It is still summer right?) So I snagged a new bathing suit, towel, and beach ball for less than $15 bucks. I selected the items based style, not the character who just happened to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

They arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time for Water Day at preschool. Getting Parker ready in the morning is always a challenge so I love Water Day. She is so excited to get there that she stays a bit more focused on getting ready versus playing. So this morning I happily told her I had a surprise for Water Day and showed her the new bathing suit and towel. You would have thought she died and went to heaven.

“Oh Mama I love it, I just love it! Thank you Mama Thank You! I love my towel!” Seems she’s been a closet Ariel junky.

She spent the rest of the morning dragging that towel around like it was her favorite blankie. It has not left her side for the last 24 hours.

The power of the Mouse is astounding. As I continue to witness her fall in love with anything Disney almost instantaneously, I become more and more convinced that Walt made a deal with the devil himself. But nonetheless, off I trotted to Amazon to order the Little Mermaid into my life.

But for now – Dora is Dead – Long Live Ariel.

The First Post

In the perfect example of my life, just as I find a way to take a few minutes away from work to get this blog up and running it is time to run and fetch the Puddin from her keepers. However in just a little while, after the mad dash, a little shopping, a little wine, Dora (okay more than a little wine) and some rocky-rocky – I’ll be back to properly launch this puppy.