Wake Up Call

6:00 AM
Parker enters our bedroom wakes me up and loudly tells me the juice cup I left in her room last night is empty. I stumble sleepily to the bathroom wondering how the hell her father has managed to stay asleep.

She waits for me at the bathroom door and carefully escorts me back across the bedroom watching to make sure I don’t get drawn back into the bed. Suddenly she stops, looks up at me with all her angelic early morning beauty and says, "Mama, you’re my best friend."

I smile, run my hand through her hair, and take her hand in mine. As we head out the bedroom door, I hear my husband mumble into his pillow, "She’s good."

Here I was cruising along all excited about figuring out this blogging thing and two things happened.

1. Hurricane Season Started


2. We decided we didn’t have enough stress and should increase the excitement around here by trying to conceive.

So all there is left to do is to recap I guess

Hurricanes …. Everyone of them that hit Florida was projected to come our way at some point. It was real enough that we continually brought in and took out lawn furniture and plants. Poor Parker thinks every rainy day is now a hurrican day. She sees rain in the forecase and says "Oh No Mama, it’s "Cane again"

Work … Oh I should also mention that my entire August was dedicated to the launch of a new intranet server on Sept 1. It went off without a hitch and I am a demi-god among those who now use it. Except that freaking Sharepoint has broken down in the last week and I can’t figure out why….

TTC …. This is a strange and scary subject. We began this "project" in July thinking that it might take a month or so. After all we barely even tried the first time and boom there was Little Miss ready to grow. So by month 3 I was down right angry. Convinced that my ovaries had dried up and the Mr.’s sperm must now be swimming sideways I put together an exhaustive "doing it" schedule for month four and announced that no amount of hurricanes, colds, company or anything else would be an excuse not to follow through. We did in fact find ourselves very grateful that Ivan went left that week thereby freeing up some time for us even if he did deposit one house guest on our doorstep.

The master schedule appears to have worked and number 2 is on the way.

Of course the timeing could not have been worse… June … as in the month we will move if Doctor Daddy takes a job outside of our current area.  Nothing like packing up a house when your nine months pregnant huh?

Well see … guess that is all that much more reason to be lazy and try to stay nearby at a hospital in this area.

So that’s all the major stuff. All objectives met. It was a heck of a third quarter that’s for sure