You’ve heard of crying over split milk?

I had just heated up some peach pie and was adding the ice cream when The Dr. said something stupid that made me mad. So I stomped off and into my office and sat down and started crying, not a lot – but enough to take a minute to decompress. I put down my bowl and closed my eyes to recompose myself. When I opened my eyes and reached for my snack I saw that my ice cream had all melted. This made me start BAWLING! Loud gasping hiccupy hyperventilation hormone induced crying.

Upon hearing the ruckus, The Mr. comes in, startles and says "What’s wrong" to which I answer "My <gasp> ice <gasp> cream <gasp> melted <gasp>" 

Amazingly enough he did not laugh or least not out loud. He simply offered to get me some more as if that was the most rational reason in the world to be so distraught. I nodded and he brought me a fresh piece of pie.

So now I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even remember what he did to set me off to start with. I hate hormones, and I love him!


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