Daddy’s Girl

More proof that she’s his…

I’m sitting here on the couch, blissfully reading blogs, during one of the rare moments when the Pud had decided to play alone in her room.

Suddenly she darts across the living room and into the kitchen, pigtails flying. Mommy radar goes off, "What are you doing?"

She flies back through, dish towels in hand, "I made a mess and I have to clean it. I made a mess!"

I am 100% certain that at 3 my instinct would have been to camouflage, cover, hide and deny.

I wonder if he remembers

Now that I’m adjusting to the idea that we will have yet another female around here, I’ve remembered something that happened long ago… back when the Mr. and I were just starting to date.

I had gone to the bathroom to pee when a certain thought entered my head. Not one to keep my thoughts to myself, I exited the toilet I shared with him the following:

"If we were to ever get married and have a little girl and then if something were to happen to me … When you explained to her about her period, remember to tell her to hold the tampon string up so it doesn’t get wet when she pees. I didn’t know if you knew about that."

To his credit, he did not run for the door. He just smiled at me and said, "That’s never going to happen." Leaving me to wonder, "Which part?". The Bastard.

So now that A) we are married and B) we will in fact have two girls… I’m left to wonder if he thinks me an invincible force of nature or if he in fact could not face the "Don’t pee on your string" lecture.

Maybe I better remind him.