Questions that remain unanswered

11204764_94854e74b8_oSo tell me the truth, if this was hanging over your head staring at you every time you woke up would you feel all cozy and comforted. I mean what the hell is it? And why does it need a scarf?


As heard on the way to pre-school this morning…

Pud: Mama, what color’s that car?
Me: Turquoise
Pud: No, what color?
Me: Turquoise honey, that is a color. It’s what you get when you mix blue and green together.
Pud: Blue’s your favorite Mama.
Me: Yes and mixed with green it makes Turquoise.
Pud: Turquoise.
Me: Yes. Remember when you mix some colors you get others. You can mix Red Blue and Yellow to make all the other colors.
Pud: Red’s my favorite.
Me: Uh Huh, and if you mix it with blue you get purple and if you mix it with yellow you get orange.
Pud: Poo Poo is brown
Me: That’s right honey, poo poo is brown.
Pud: Let’s talk about poo poo Mama.

So I guess tomorrow’s lecture on  Russian Existentialism needs to be pushed back a little.