Fits and Starts

Okay so the universe met my new resolution to revive the blog with a I’ll-show-you-who’s-boss slapdown in the form of a scary and unexpected health issue.

Seems the Fifths Disease that Stinkerbell so lovely brought home three-weeks ago is a little more hard to handle when the adults of the house get it. The Dr. had it first and he seemed to come through relatively unscathed and only a little bit more grumpy.

I thought I was going to avoid it but it took the form of a chest cold and an inflamed liver. Yes, an inflamed liver. I’m not going to use the hepati.. word the white coats keep using because in the world of the Internet it might bring all kinds of misdirected traffic but you know what I’m talking about.

Evidently you can get a form of that without a stylish A B or C to accessorize it. It’s just plain jane and resolves on it’s own. But in the meantime the white coats like to prod you a lot and drain you alot just to see what’s what with the enzymes.

According to today’s results I’m down to only about 320% above normal down from 500% above normal so I guess I’m on the mend.

By the way normal = cocktails so if this sucker doesn’t resolve itself by the Auburn/Florida game – I just may have to EBay a new liver!