What was I thinking?

Somehow I got in my head that the Pud needed to have a break between pre-school and kindergarten. So I took her out of pre-school three weeks before big K starts. What was the first thing that happened? I had to take a business trip to Dallas on Monday so I had to pawn her off on my lovely lovely SAHM friend down the street. Thank gawd for her! She took P and her crew down to the splash park downtown. She’s a much better mommy than I am.

So today, we started out the morning with a dentist appointment, which went pretty well. She doesn’t mind the dentist too much. But then I got "the question." —- "Now what fun thing are we going to do Mama?" – seems like she thinks that everyday should be a blast of fun. "You’re going to just hang out I told her. Sleep late, watch TV – you know relax," I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy.

So I’m guessing that’s my dream vacation, not hers huh? I went all out for the Blockbuster and McDonalds lunch. Wahoo I’m a hoot!

Good heavens what am I going to do with this child home with me for three weeks? Seriously internet? What can I do to keep her entertained here in the house while I work?

How to impress the new daycare

FuzzyHead started at her new infinitely more convenient daycare today. So the nice lady at the center made sure I had a card with the phone number so I could call and check on her … then I said "Oh I’m heading to the airport, I’ll be in Dallas the rest of the day" – to which I got that funny look and she tried real hard not to judge me.

What to get the woman who has everything?

Okay my sister-in-law doesn’t have everything but she does have a most everything she wants. Including a new set of boobies, ’cause her old ones were a little worse for wear after some slicing/frying.

So when I saw this in skymall I knew I had hit on just the right birthday present for this year… she loved it. Help save a Ta-Ta or two, buy a t-shirt

Mastercard is right, there are somethings money can’t buy

Swimming Lessons that didn’t so that much good: $150.00

Water-wings that gave her more confidence than the swim lessons: $0.99

Goggles that finally convinced her to put her face in the water: $14.95

Cool Surfer-girl Swimtop that she won’t take off: $29.99

Having my previously-terrified-of-the-water-daughter laugh as her father launches her across the pool:



Okay.. I really kind of hate this

It’s 1:43 and we’ve swum and swum and now the Pud and the Fuzz are resting peacefully and the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD is reading Harry Potter except me. I could stand it for most of the morning while I was having a great time hanging out with my girls in the pool while the Dr and the in-laws play golf… but then I went to Publix to buy us some lunch and they even have the darn book at the grocery store in every check out lane!!! There is was… right there … I could touch it …and it was even 25% off… but I know I already have one sitting on my door step or at least I should..

Do you think if I was home it would be there?  I want to call my neighbors and ask…

Thank god our front porch is way off the street so no one would see it to steal it…

How to embarrass yourself at a work dinner …

After a twenty minute dialogue, at a business dinner full of 40-something colleagues, on the importance of book 5 (The Order of the Phoenix) as the year of transition where Harry moves from being a child to a warrior and begins to truly understand and accept his role as a leader… look around and the faces around you and realize how long you’ve been talking and how much of your inner geek you’ve revealed.. and mutter “I know too much about Harry Potter” and see them all nod.

BB8 Off and Running

Okay, I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Time to start blogging about my favorite summer pastime, Big Brother. Hands down BB is my favorite reality show. The way they mess with those people just cracks me up. I’d love to run the diary room for a day and make everyone say things that can be taken out of context and then make them cry. I cannot watch the feeds because I become way too obsessed but I love the read the recaps over at HamsterTime.

So here’s my thoughts so far this year:

Wasn’t too sure about this year’s cast at first, halfway through the first show I told the Dr. I was missing Will and Janey

I like the enemy twist but don’t think they vetted the girls too well. Clearly Carol didn’t even know she was in a feud or had an enemy. Jessica seems like she’s been obsessed with this for years but Carol simply had a spat with someone when she was 14 and then moved on with her life like any normal person would. Ultimately her normalcy was her downfall. Normal people are not allowed on BB.

I like the America’s Player deal but haven’t been impressed with Alex. He clearly isn’t trying that hard at the tasks if he thinks it will jeopardize his position in the house.

Kail is just weird… what the heck is a “multi-business owner?”

Love Dick and don’t mind Daniele although there is clearly way more to their story than either of them will let on. She seems like she could be Janey-esk. Love the idea of Dick as HH, he should be fun.

Amber gets on my nerves but I loved her crying scenes…

Jen is clearly a psycho of the highest order… she’s got stalker chick written all over her.

Most of the others just haven’t impressed me… we’ll wait and see.

It’s tile but it’s tile that looks like wood… yeah…

Figured out why I couldn’t pick a tile for the master bathroom (the last of the flooring project to remove the ugly red carpet)….

I didn’t want tile, I wanted wood… but that doesn’t make sense for our bathroon and it’s gigantic tub in which small children hold water battles while pretending to bath.

6a00d834749afb69e200e54f1cf62f8833-640wiSo I went from designer tile showrooms all over town and they had nothing. Guess where I found it… Floor and Decor, tile outlet extraordiaire!

It’s from VitroMex, they have some amazing wood patterns if you are looking for something like this. The website is in Spanish but you can find the wood like tiles in the Productos section under Maderas.. they have amazing and beautiful products in all their catagories so much nicer than all that bland old stuff I saw in the designer showrooms.

Now we’re mostly done cutting and laying it down. Just have to finish up the last bit and then grout the whole thing.