Puddin’ The Brave


762902008_c3ffa7ae5b_oPuddin’ has learned to swim. Not that surprising, it’s what you would expect from any 5 year old who lives in this part of the world. But trust me it’s been a big deal. We started out very rocky, refusing to get in the pool at swim lessons, screaming bloody murder when she thought I was going to let go of her in the water. But 2 months later and here we are with a frog girl. Not exactly a fish but we’re much farther along than I ever dreamed we would be back in May. Not only is she swimming she’s also claiming to do “cannonbombs” and “butterknives.” Considering that she can neither do a cannonball or a jackknife, I think these are entirely perfect explanations for the graceless yet heroic way she leaps into the 4 foot abyss.


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