New Shoes!

Several months ago my girlfriend, was over on a day when I cleaning out the kids closets and she commented on a plastic bin of shoes. “Oh those are only the size 7s,” I told her. To which she, being the mother of two boys the same ages as my girls, replied, “That box alone contains more shoes than both my kids have owned cumulatively in their lives!”

Last night the two of us took FuzzyHead and her two year old son to the mall and we went into Payless Shoes. Only after we were in there and Fuzz let out a HUGE SQUEAL OF UNADULTERATED JOY did I realize that she had never actually been in a shoe store before. Despite the fact that she has a huge shoe fetish, we have so many old shoes at home that I’ve never had to take her shoe shopping before. It was as if she had died and gone to heaven – wall to wall shoes! I pushed her stroller over to the section with her size and where we sat and tried on all kinds of shoes to her utter delight. With each new pair she squealed and ohhhed and ahhhhed and was just generally a girl.

We finally decided on a pair of princess sandals and when she thought I was going to put her old shoes back on her that bottom-lip came popping out and she wailed “NOOOOOO”. So we wore the new shoes home and in the
dark car she discovered they light up. Needless to say the heavens opened up and angels sang.

She immediately headed inside to show her Daddy her new shoes walking like some kind of America’s Next Top Model reject with her feet way out front so Daddy would notice. We clearly have the girly-ist of girls on our hands with this one. This is the one that won’t stand there and cry with misery when I put the princess costume on her. This one won’t insist on the shit-brown Peter Pan costume instead. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Puddin’ is her own girl, taking her queues from no one. I love that she is utterly comfortable being the lone Peter in a sea of princesses… but I so damn happy to have a little shoe-loving purse-toting fuzzy-headed princess to dress up I don’t know what to do!


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