It’s tile but it’s tile that looks like wood… yeah…

Figured out why I couldn’t pick a tile for the master bathroom (the last of the flooring project to remove the ugly red carpet)….

I didn’t want tile, I wanted wood… but that doesn’t make sense for our bathroon and it’s gigantic tub in which small children hold water battles while pretending to bath.

6a00d834749afb69e200e54f1cf62f8833-640wiSo I went from designer tile showrooms all over town and they had nothing. Guess where I found it… Floor and Decor, tile outlet extraordiaire!

It’s from VitroMex, they have some amazing wood patterns if you are looking for something like this. The website is in Spanish but you can find the wood like tiles in the Productos section under Maderas.. they have amazing and beautiful products in all their catagories so much nicer than all that bland old stuff I saw in the designer showrooms.

Now we’re mostly done cutting and laying it down. Just have to finish up the last bit and then grout the whole thing.


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