Worth 12,000,000 words

By the time I hit the hay tonight I will have completed a project that I never thought would get done. All 12,000 photos that we have taken since we purchased our first digitial camera in 2000 will be tagged and uploaded to Flickr and ordered in sets by year and month. That’s right folks 12,000 photos tagged with the appropriate person(s), event or location. Thank you Photoshop Elements 4.0 (Organizer) for your lovely drag and drop tags, you are my hero.

Tomorrow I’ll go out to buy a few 4 gig jump drives that I saw on sale at Target to create a backup of all the files and put in our safety deposit box.

To celebrate I’ve started a new photo blog of Puddin that contains a picture for each month she’s been alive plus a few extra for holidays and special occasions…. I got through 2003 tonight and will have it finished and launched by the time she starts kindergarten – otherwise known as Monday. Then we’ll start on the same for FuzzyHead.


2 thoughts on “Worth 12,000,000 words

  1. I have about 6000 photos on flickr and am slowly working through tagging them and organizing them so I can us QOOP to make presents for Christmas this year! Their photobooks are awesome.

  2. Wow, although i am in awe of your organizational skills and wish I could set you loose on my 10k photos, I must digress.
    I totally knew you meant Clarks–is there anything better than the food? Or scarier, than all the taxidermed hell in every nook and cranny?
    We spent about 4 years in Jax, just around the corner from there, before moving down to Central Florida. now though, I have a sudden urge to make a road trip!
    I will be back to peruse your blog, for sure!

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