The Final Countdown..

6a00d834749afb69e200e54f3676228834-640wiWe have officially begun work on the last room in the Pink Palace to get a makeover. The girl’s bathroom. It was the least offensive and therefore is the last to receive our loving touch. To celebrate both the final stage and her elevation to “school-ager,” Puddin was allowed to help with this one. Her DIY indoctrination – Pulling Wallpaper. She did a pretty good job pulling the damn stuff off too. (Yes, we showed her how to take the switch-plate off after I took the picture) Whoever the builder was on this house took pity on me all those years ago when he saw the original owner’s interior selections and said, “Boys, these walls need a good coat of paint before they put that wallpaper up – cause it’s ugly and someday someone with sense is gonna want to rip it down.” I heart him. The wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms has slid off like butter after a good dose of Def thanks to his thoughtfulness and good taste.

I’m so excited about this 2-year project being over. I haven’t posted anything about it along the way but I think after it’s done I’ll give each room a post of it’s own. Kind of poetic in a Virginia Woolf sort of way.


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