Awhh, we didn’t see that one coming…

This weekend I was out with my crew of 40-something-moms-of-toddlers and swung into the local grocery to pick up some supplies for our night out. The cashier took one look at the dozen ladies, semi dressed up, each carrying a bottle of something and several items from the bakery and smiled, "Girls night out ladies?" she asked. We laughed at how obvious we were… clearly she was feeling our vibe.

Then the sometimes-overly-friendly one felt compelled to tell her our destination in case she wanted to join us later when she got off work. To which she got a strange look on her face and said, "Uhh yeah, I’ll call my mom and tell her."  Awhhh that hurt.

But seriously, do the rest of you advanced maternal agers see yourselves as much younger because you still change diapers on a daily basis? Does it ever occur to you that when you do the math it is entirely possible, that it should could be your grand-child instead? Holy crap!


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