Trying not to gloat

My living room was full of stinking Gators that couldn’t sit still or keep their mouth shut but I just sat quietly and smiled. And didn’t gloat when it was over. But here I’m allowed to say



It’s not a pretty weekend around here

This is the weekend that I usually dread each year. Because Auburn is never the favorite and when things go my way, they do not go Dr. Gator’s way. We are a house divided.

This year is less stressful in that if the last few weeks are any indication of what to expect. We don’t need to worry about a nail-biting contest like we had last year. Last year when my mean stinky sister-in-law started out watching in an AU shirt and I thought we were all sister solid then she went and changed at the start of the 2nd quarter to a Gator shirt. If you are reading this – I’m still mad at you and your stinking dirty tricks! To be fair she alternated each quarter.

So this year I’m setting my expectation low. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

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BFFs Reunited


Why is it that things that make your children happy make you even happier?

One of the surprises that came with kindergarten was that Pud has been reunited with Butterfly-Girl.  The two of them had been the best of friends since they were infants. They went to the same daycare/preschool and learned to walk, talk, and pee together. Puddin’ actually mispronounced her own name for a year because Butterfly couldn’t say it correctly. They spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week joined at the hip.

Then when they were about 4 1/2 Butterfly moved away and everyone was very sad.

The first Friday after Kindergarten started Pudd got off the bus and was about out of her mind. "Mama, do you know who I saw today while we waited on the buses?" I quizzed her to make sure she was sure and she was. Sadly they are back because Butterfly parents are getting divorced. Puddin has been so happy to have her best friend back. It has made being in a class with no old friends much easier knowing that good ol’ Butterfly is right down the hall. And this has made me very happy. Happy that Pudd has her buddy back, happy that Butterfly has a good friend to help her through this rough patch. Just happy.

The Beginning of Family Vacations

This week’s PBN
blog blast sponsored by PickPackGo says tell us about your family vacations. Hmm
that’s a little hard because the Dr. and I are firm believers that you can’t
spell v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n with k-i-d. We did
not take them here.
And they did not go when the Dr. went here. And they will not be
going with me here
either. We either vacation sans child or separately. For now.

However, Puddin’ is FuzzyHead’s biggest cheerleader when it
comes to potty training because we’ve told her there will be no Disney
until after everyone poops on the potty. Mickey will do a lot for
your kids but he draws the line at wiping their butts.

The reason she is so excited over this prospect is:

  1. She’s heard all about it from many friends.
    Disney cruises are the vacation of choice down here in the land of sunshine. Once
    one boards the ship you can check your kids into various activities while you
    head up to the lido deck for cocktails, sunshine, and quiet. “We’ll entertain
    your kids” is built into the cost of the tickets.
  2. She got her first taste of both vacations and
    Disney this year as the Dr. and I took her on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom
    solo to celebrate the start of kindergarten.

I’ve been meaning to post about that for a month now so let’s
talk about that shall we……

It was just what you hope your kids first vacation is going
to be: Magic.

We did a good job of not biting off more than we wondered if
she could chew. A day in the Magic
was perfect for a 5 year old. We were there when the gates opened
and headed straight for the Peter
Pan ride
. If you haven’t heard Puddin’ is a Peter Pan freak. Every princess
in the world can suck it as far as she’s concerned Peter is her homey. (And for the record she prefers Jane, Wendy’s
daughter, over Wendy – cause Jane was the first Lost Girl) 

While she was still high on pixie dust we whisked her onto Space
before she could protest. And she did really well,  only getting a little shaky at the end during
the vertical corkscrews. It helped that there is so much to look at. She told everyone
who would listen the rest of the day, she rode Space Mountain – quite a badge
of honor for a 5 year old.

We rode rides and experience the magic that is Disney for
the first time…. And just before we getting ready to leave for an afternoon
swim break I steered her towards Adventure Land and  we literally ran smack into could
not have been more perfect. Pud and I were holding hands because it was kind of
a crowded spot and I had looked down at her so I wasn’t watching where I was
going. BLAM – I about knocked the poor girl down. I let go of Pud to help my
victim and realized who I had run over. “Wendy!” and don’t you know Peter was
right around the corner. My child who is never shy, was too shy to actually
talk to him. But he saw her, and waved.  Mission complete.

We checked in at the Caribbean
. Let me say if you are considering a Disney vacation and you can in
any way afford it, stay on property. It is more expensive. It is worth it.
Disney just knows how to do it right. Loved the laid back atmosphere, loved the
easy dining, loved the convenience. Later  we returned to the park for parades and
fireworks – Peter recognized her and came over to her. I wanted to kiss him.

The next day we did SeaWorld. Seaworld rocks
because your kids can get soaked by killer whales while you get to kick back
and have a Bud. It’s a great follow-up to Disney because as much as the Magic
Kingdom is a fantasy come true – Seaworld is a world class adventure. You can see
sharks and whales and polar bears, she found it very cool. I was surprised that
their dolphin shows
have taken on a very Cirque du Soliel feel. They have gotten a lot more
artistic. Even the Shamu show is not based on the theme “Believe”
which is about following your passion and the trainers have to do a little
riverdance… something I think they didn’t count on in marine biology school.

So there we are, the story of our first family vacation. Here are some of the pictures:

What we watched on Tuesday

Hmm Tuesday night has so few offerings that we just caught up on what we didn’t get to see from Monday.

Rules of Engagement – I didn’t really get it last year but this year it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is just HIMYM  – the clone.  I swear they must share sets because Jennifer and Adam are living in Robin’s apartment.  The details are slightly different (the couples are a little farther down the relationship road) but it’s the same premise, a long married couple, a newly engaged couple, and an obnoxious single friend.  They hang out and meet in a dinner instead of a bar. Only David Spade isn’t as funny, he’s just his normal obnoxious self and I don’t believe he could pick up anyone of he wasn’t famous. Sounds like I don’t like it but I do. But mainly for the Jeff and Audrey characters, they crack me up. I loved it when she came home to find him smelling his shoes and it didn’t even really phase her. And the t-shirt quilt is priceless. I could take lessons from Audrey on being nicer to me husband even he’s weird and I don’t get him all the time.

Journey Man – I didn’t set this one the Dr. did and I only half-heartedly watched while I did other things. Looks like one of those conspiracy dramas that has one main plot that will string throughout but they create an atmosphere for random shows that don’t link to the main mystery – ala the X-files, Alias etc.. Don’t know if this one will make the DVR cut.

The funniest sitcom I’ve seen in ages

Okay that’s a pretty strong statement but it’s true. Last night we watched Big Bang Theory and I laughed my ass off. Jim Parson’s as Sheldon is possible the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in quite some time. I haven’t enjoyed a sitcom pilot that much SportsNight aired back in the mid-90s. I laughed because the writing is amazing. Sadly I fear that will also be it’s death becaus(shh don’t tell anyone) but well it’s smart. And evidently EV execs don’t like smart because well maybe it makes them feel stupid.

To prove this point I will point you to the little recap on the CBS website. Trust me when I say that the jokes in that clip ARE NOT THE FUNNY PART. They are the predictable broad stroke nerd jokes. The gold is in the dialog between the two guys when the girl isn’t involved. Don’t get me wrong I like Kaley Cuoco and she cut her teeth learning from John Ritter so I’m sure she’ll bring her own special twist but Sheldon is by far the best part of this show.

Also watched last night:

1. How I meet your mother – Still like this one although was it me or was Barney just a little less awesome in that particular episode? He did say Ass Antlers and that cracked me up.

2, Chuck – Interesting but we’ll see if it plays out. Most of the jokes were old by the time one hour was over, they won’t play for long. THey’ll need to tighten this one up.

3. 2 1/2 men – The kid is older now and the jokes are all done. One gets the feeling when Charlie Sheen spends much of the show rubbing is "parts" on furniture – they are out of material.

Didn’t watch yet – Rules of Engagement, Heros.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Screenshots of the to be released later this year  TIVO/Comcast DVR software have begun showing up on the internet. And I feel like a teenage girl all giggly and shit.

We had TIVO before TIVO was even cool –  a million years ago. It changed our lives or at least the way we watched TV – which as the parents of an infant is to say – our lives.

Then one day about two years ago we had a little talk with ourselves because were were missing out on the high def experience we had paid so much for because TIVO (then) did not record in high def. And Comcast had a new duel tuner intergrated DVR for $5.00 a month. So we did it, we cheated on our boyfriend TIVO. We got the Comcast box. I know TIVO has since some out with a high def box but the damn thing costs over $300 plus the registration fee. I can’t see spending the $500 some odd total when what we get now is "good enough." It records in high def. But it’s not TIVO. It doesn’t love us as much or treat us as well. It doesn’t know us done to our very souls.

But now Comcast is going to give us our old boyfriend back – and it’s like some ’70’s 00’s bionic drama because he’ll be bigger and faster and stronger than ever before. And he’s coming back to win us over again. We left him behind but he’s coming back to win us over. And I can’t wait. Quick someone hand me the Bonnie Bell lip smackers.

Ahh a fresh new week

Well so far we’ve started this week out a damn site better than the old one. Nothing has died this morning. The good news is it finally quite raining enough to be able to pick up the new range and microhood thingy on Thursday and The Husbands installed them this weekend. Then I cleaned like a banshee yesterday (are banshee’s clean?) and reclaimed my house from the weeks of summer disorder that had been left. We are now pre-holiday ready. That means I’m ready to clutter the place up again this time with cornucopias and shit …

I have decided that a simple pictorial of the "new" non pink house just won’t do it justice so I’m going to make a video. Look for that later this week.

Right now I’m off to read the bazillion posts in my reader ’cause I missed you all so much last week.