Morning of Highs and Lows

It’s lunch time and I feel like I’ve had a full day. So far we’ve had more mood swings around here than a 13 year old girl.

For the first time every when I got FuzzyHead out of the crib and put her on the changing table she said "I poo poo on potty."  Hmm, I felt the diaper I just took off, not full, kind of cold. Okay maybe you haven’t gone in a while. Let’s give it a shot. Off we go to the potty. She’s sitting there content and making some pretty funny faces like she’s trying but nothings happening. Then I hear the sound that has started to break my heart.

The cat started having another seizure in the hallway outside their rooms. So I tell Puddin’ to keep an eye on her sister and keep her on the potty since she doesn’t have a diaper and I go to the hallway to sooth him through it. This one doesn’t seem so bad and I realize he must have just come from the litter box because this time there is no loss of control so to speak. I’m petting him gently he’s calmed down a little but is still panting.

Suddenly Puddin’ screams from the bathroom "She did it! SHE PEE’D ON THE POTTY!" and comes running out in the hallway, freaks the already freaked out cat even more. I decide this is more than I can handle alone and tell Pud to go get her father. So simultaneously we have the high of the first successful pee pee on the potty and evidence of increasingly frequent seizures. My head hurts.


Then I get down to work. The call comes and something that I really really really needed to happen, happened. A vendor moved heaven and earth and went out on a limb and came through for me. This was something I had been holding my breath about, loosing sleep over, not eating about. And it happened. Whew… hurray things are looking up now let’s get down to business and get some stuff done. CRASH… Blue screen of death.  Currently restoring from backup.

Not sure how much more of this I can take today. Vet appointment is at 3:00. Not holding out much hope that there is going to be a "good times" solution.


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