What we watched on Tuesday

Hmm Tuesday night has so few offerings that we just caught up on what we didn’t get to see from Monday.

Rules of Engagement – I didn’t really get it last year but this year it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is just HIMYM  – the clone.  I swear they must share sets because Jennifer and Adam are living in Robin’s apartment.  The details are slightly different (the couples are a little farther down the relationship road) but it’s the same premise, a long married couple, a newly engaged couple, and an obnoxious single friend.  They hang out and meet in a dinner instead of a bar. Only David Spade isn’t as funny, he’s just his normal obnoxious self and I don’t believe he could pick up anyone of he wasn’t famous. Sounds like I don’t like it but I do. But mainly for the Jeff and Audrey characters, they crack me up. I loved it when she came home to find him smelling his shoes and it didn’t even really phase her. And the t-shirt quilt is priceless. I could take lessons from Audrey on being nicer to me husband even he’s weird and I don’t get him all the time.

Journey Man – I didn’t set this one the Dr. did and I only half-heartedly watched while I did other things. Looks like one of those conspiracy dramas that has one main plot that will string throughout but they create an atmosphere for random shows that don’t link to the main mystery – ala the X-files, Alias etc.. Don’t know if this one will make the DVR cut.


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