It’s not a pretty weekend around here

This is the weekend that I usually dread each year. Because Auburn is never the favorite and when things go my way, they do not go Dr. Gator’s way. We are a house divided.

This year is less stressful in that if the last few weeks are any indication of what to expect. We don’t need to worry about a nail-biting contest like we had last year. Last year when my mean stinky sister-in-law started out watching in an AU shirt and I thought we were all sister solid then she went and changed at the start of the 2nd quarter to a Gator shirt. If you are reading this – I’m still mad at you and your stinking dirty tricks! To be fair she alternated each quarter.

So this year I’m setting my expectation low. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

Ammended to tell you you can buy the t-shirt with the above graphic here at TigerRags.


2 thoughts on “It’s not a pretty weekend around here


  2. It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend, didn’t it?

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