Business Trip or Field Trip

Since I telecommute I regularly have to take little one and two day trips to meet with other people for those times when face-to-face is just necessary to keep the momentum of a project going. These trips are often exhausting because I try and fit in as much as possible so I have to do them less. They involve getting up at 00:00 dark thirty and trudging through the airport with the rest of the road warriors, endless meetings, hotel rooms with weird pillows, and the inevitable dash back to the airport usually to find the flight is delayed and I won’t get home in time to tuck the girls in. They are not fun but they are part of the deal.

Much to my dismay The Dr. sees them as "fun." Because from his perspective what he sees is hours of childfree time, nice dinners, cocktails, and blissful hotel slumber. I get that he thinks that but he’s wrong. The co-workers and meeting topics are almost always more stressful than children because I can’t yell at them and tell them "because I say so" – sure the food is good the cocktails are nice – but I hate hotels unlike him, never sleep well. These trips are exhausting.

However, this week I had a pleasant surprise. This time things got changed up a little. I didn’t overbook my time. I left at a comfortable time, I had plenty of time to do the things I needed to do. Instead of dinner with co-workers I went off and did something else on my own (to be blogged about shortly) and then – wait for it – slept so soundly that I overslept the next morning. I OVERSLEPT! I barely sleep in hotels, much less oversleep. I woke up at 8:30 on Thursday morning and felt like a million dollars. I can’t think of the last time I slept so well. I forgot sleep could be like that. It rocked.

This one definitely qualified as a field trip.


One thought on “Business Trip or Field Trip

  1. Sounds like it worked out well. It is good when you can truly relax a little; business trips are stressful enough!

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