Mama Cruise – Day 3

Day 3 had one objective: Find a shady spot and do nothing.

This was easily accomplished since we had eaten ourselves in a whale like state the day before. The boat got to Coco Cay about 10ish (who knows because we never did figure out what the right time was after the debate on whether President Dufish controls the time in the otherwise sovereign nation of the Bahamas as well). Anyway I digress.

So we boarded the landing boats and headed over to Coco Cay which is an island owned by Royal Caribean for the express pleasure of their passengers. Yum.

We found chairs, we sat, we did not move. Eventually I got up and took pictures here they are.

Late in the day we did eventually bring ourselves to eat again. Here is my art picture of the week – Cheeseburger In Paradise J   

Then it was back to the boat for rest, air-conditioning style, before we started the great Orange Glass Hunt.

Okay, RC has these fancy glasses that you can pay a little extra for and you get to take them home… Party Girl was on a quest to drink herself a set, with equal distribution of colors. Trouble was orange was rare. So we set off on Sunday night with the goal of finding and drinking enough orange glasses to complete her set. We went from bar, to bar, to bar… still drinking but no orange. Then we finally stumbled into the then empty dance club hoping for some luck. There we met our buddy.. the dude who we charmed into going to the storage area and finding the LAST BOX OF ORANGE glasses on the whole damn boat. He rocked. We loved him.. not just because he found the glasses but because he cracked our butts up. He cranked called the rooms for us to harass the two of us that had bailed on the quest. He kept pouring floaters in our drinks mid-drink. When we couldn’t understand what he was saying in his heavy island accent as we were trying to convince him to let us look into the room behind the bar he disappearing in he finally just threw up his hands exclaimed "No tours, Too Much Taliban!" God how we laughed at that… Too Much Taliban was the phrase of the night.

After this we decided it would be a good idea to Karoke. We were so wrong. Nuf Said

Overall it was a perfect last night on the boat. Much fun and laughter and love … lord I love these women.


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