Kid Nation – Suburbia

As you know we left 8 husbands in charge of 18 kids while we were gone. Needless to say they banded together to accomplish this goal. Men do things in packs. They believe in tribes.

Here is what we know about the weekend:

Friday: Everyone got home from school okay, no one was left abandoned. Food was grilled on the barbeque. Baseball games were played and coached. Other children were watched

Saturday: Pancake breakfasts were had, Birthday parties were attended, Soccer games were played, Air and Sea Shows at the beach were watched, Chili was consumed, Football was watched, Bonfires were lit, S’mores were eaten.

Sunday: No Church (surprise), Group Lunches, Football, bathes (only one of the weekend evidently) and timely bed.

Monday: Everyone made the bus on time.

Clearly these men rock in a big way. We love them dearly.


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