Low Bandwidth Travel

Spent the day in meetings meetings meetings. Not bad really actually some different stuff than the everyday and had a good time but now I’m back at the Wyndam and they don’t have "free" high speed internet and my aircard as usual is sucking wind.

Anyone else having this problem with Verizon’s Aircards? When I got it about a year and a half ago it was great. But now it barely works. Speeds are about the same as dial up. My only guess is that there are so many people with them now it’s just sucking up all the bandwidth.

That sucks and all but what is worse is I’m paying almost $200 a night for this stinking hotel room and they want to $10.00 per day nickel and dime me to death to have internet access in my room. This is not a lonely hotel. This hotel is sold out most nights. They can afford to chunk up the broadband. Cheap bastards.

So tomorrow it’s back to the meetings and then home again home again jiggidy jig. I’m hoping to be home in time for dinner.


One thought on “Low Bandwidth Travel

  1. That’s just ridiculous, charging for Internet access. I’m shocked that places like hotels and Starbucks charge. Sheesh.

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