Room #2: The Kitchen

Okay so here was the first big room we tackled. In our previous house we had un-wallpapered a kitchen and it was a nightmare. The builder had laid the wallpaper directly on the sheetrock and there was just no way to remove it without tearing up the walls. The builder on this house however evidently was a bit smarter…. That or he took one look at this wallpaper and knew that as soon as someone with taste came along it was coming down and took pity on that person. I mean pink roses?!?! It should be illegal.

So one day in August I got board and the paper was peeling by the door so I found my bottle of Def Gel and gave it a squirt and a tug… it came off like butter! I called the Dr. at the hospital all a twitter. That week the roses disappeared. And we had bare white walls for weeks.

I had a block on what color to paint, until I came across these plates at Kohl’s which served as my palette. Then I was set… we did the kitchen in Behr’s Copper Kettle. Our neutral was set as the same’s Backed Scone.

Before: So busy it makes your eyes hurt

After: All warm and yummy

We also replaced all the appliances with what I like to call the Trifecta of Stainless….We went with the Maytag Ice2O frig and god knows I love my Vodka Drawer but the frig does have issues. The computer goes bad and it goes schizophrenic flapping it’s ice flapper at all hours of the night. Ours did it at 13 months (one month out of warranty but several nasty phone calls to Maytag later and they covered the $500 cost of a new circuit board – which BTW now that I’ve seen it done, anyone who could order off EBay could totally do themselves). Fortunately our new Maytag dishwasher has worked fine. We went to Kenmore for the stove and microhood. Let me tell you I love that 5th warming eye!


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