Room #3: The Family Room

Okay technically this is the same room as the kitchen because we have one of those "open" floor plans. I don’t love it but as my real estate agent told me, I had to get over it if I wanted a house built after 1975.

So they are one room but had been decorated as two… you can see where this was the first time we officially "hit the pink." If I knew then what I know now I would have found a color of Kilz Casual Colors that would have been close but we didn’t know about that yet so we just used 2 coats of Kilz primer and then 2 coats of the Behr to cover the pink. So for those of you who are counting we painted this room 4 times before the pink was officially gone. Fortunately they took their black lacquer and chrome 1980’s furniture with them.

Before: Looks like a whore house nail salon. If you can’t tell from the picture – that’s maroon carpet.

After: We repeated the contrast from the kitchen on the fireplace and it really highlighted the 15 foot ceilings. I’d like to faux stone it one day but we’ll see if we ever get there.


2 thoughts on “Room #3: The Family Room

  1. Wow, your house is beautiful.
    I can’t get over the pink. I actually said aloud “holy pink” and I love pink. It looks so great though now.

  2. Well, I thought we had to conquer a lot of pink, but you win hands down (if you call a lot of work and expense winning). Your version of the house looks much, much better. Shew! Congrats!

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