Room #6: The Dining Room and Foyer

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…This room had so many sins it’s hard to list them. There is the obvious PINK. Then there is the fake wainscoting and how about those lovely light fixtures? Anyone need 18 little tiny pink shades? It wasn’t enough to paint the walls pink she had to bath her dinner guests in pink light as well. The light fixture in the foyer was just too big and too much for that small space and the brass went with nothing else in the house.

Before: By the time we took this picture they were moving out but you get the idea

After: I’m a color freak so it was time to slap some color up on the wall again. So we went with a pretty asparagus green. Got rid of the blinds. I mean really the windows are the best part of this house and she kept covering them up! Removed the fake wainscoting and would have taken out the chair-rail but it’s in there pretty firm and matches the crown molding. These pictures don’t include one of my favorite parts which is the painting on the opposite wall. It’s huge and colorful and takes up a good portion of that wall. If you look in the corner of the foyer you will see my 7 foot tall ugly cat. I have a collection of these wood painted, mostly Cheshire, cats scattered around the house.. have you found others?


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