An Unexpected Thanksgiving

If my posts the last week seemed non-festive given the holiday it’s because well they were mechanical. I had planned that series but not for days in a row the way it happened. But we had some unexpected events this last week and it was the best I could do.

The Friday night before Thanksgiving my father in law experienced some chest pain and right sided numbness while taking out the garbage at 1:00 AM. He called 911, the ambulance arrived promptly administered drugs and transported him to the local hospital which was just minutes away. He was seen promptly by emergency physicians that stabilized his A-Fib and went about their business. He called family members about 7:00 AM to let them know where he was. He’s like that. My brother-in-laws promptly headed over and there they sat with him for hours and hours until a cardiologist finally came by sometime in the afternoon.

The Dr had been calling the regularly for updates on his dad because hints from the nurses indicated they weren’t going to do a cardiac cath and the Dr felt one was called for. He eventually spoke to the doctors down there, asked them to do one and sure enough 3 blockages over 90% were found. A bypass was scheduled. Whooshh.. out the window went my perfect low key Thanksgiving at home with friends.

We headed down the road to Ft Lauderdale and spent the next 7 days in the CVICU waiting room. By me I mean Me, Puddin’, and FuzzyHead. We three. We sat in that waiting room for endless hours waiting while other family members took turns going in and out of FIL’s “room.” When you look at it through the big picture they were great. Where there moments when I wanted to strangle them? Of course. But overall considering the circumstances they were great.

The whole holiday just kind of totally sucked but there we were surrounded by people who were also spending Thanksgiving in the same circumstance, many of them with much worse situations. Their loved one had not had a minor warning shot over the bow of good health. Had not caught the problems in time. Their husbands and fathers and sisters and wives had mostly had terrible heart attacks and were just hoping for some kind of meaningful recovery. So I held my girls tight, tried not to yell, tried not to feel impatient that we were just stuck there waiting out a surgery and recovery that had gone just fine.

I drove the girls back Friday, the Dr. flew home yesterday. The FIL was released home yesterday and is now in the care of The Great Aunt. I’m feeling disconnected and disorganized. I don’t flex as well as I used to. I’m hoping to get back on track soon.


One thought on “An Unexpected Thanksgiving

  1. You are not the only person I know that had such a weekend. Very tough times, it seems. I’m so glad all is right with your FIL. Now, I’m hoping you and the family will get some rest.
    And btw, I’m loving the posts about your house.

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