Room 11 The Master Bath

So I’m gouging my eyes out trying to think of something to write about.. New Year’s Writers Block Yeah!!. And I remember that the holidays and heart attacks came along and I never finished the tour of the complete Pink Palace remodel! I still had two rooms to go so wahoo!! Two Free Posts!!!

When we last visited our Pink Palace we had just finished turning the master bedroom into an oasis of no-kids-allowed tranquility and next it was off to the master bathroom – where there lives a giant pink elephant tub. I love this tub it is the biggest tub I’ve ever been in. My six foot 3 inch tall husband can fit comfortably in this tub. I can lay down almost completely in this tub. I love this tub. But it is of course, pink. So I had to find a way to work around that… hence the tropical, fun, flip-floppy, Florida theme.

One of the reasons it took me so long to want to do this room is I couldn’t decide what to do with the floor. It took months of looking and bringing home tile samples but I finally figured out that the problem was I didn’t want tile. I wanted wood like the other parts of the house – but as you know

2 children + wood floor + world’s biggest bathtub= Heartbreak and Mess

So I went on a quest for something I knew I had seen somewhere even if it was just my imagination. Wood like tile. I looked here and there and everywhere… and did I find it in the high end bazillion dollar a square foot designer tile places, No. Did I find it in the mega home do it yourself places, No. I found it in a discount tile warehouse. Floor and Decor, tile outlet extraordinaire!

It’s from VitroMex, they have some amazing wood patterns if you are looking for something like this. The website is in Spanish but you can find the wood like tiles in the Productos section under Maderas.. they have amazing and beautiful products in all their categories so much nicer than all that bland old stuff I saw in the designer showrooms.




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