Things You Must Go Buy

I’m starting a new category called Things You Must Go Buy to talk about things that I’ve bought that I love. I am a consumer. I love stuff. I am passionate about gadgets. I dig a bargain.

My inaugural product is the yummiest robe you have every put around your body.

If you live near a Kirkland’s get you butt over there and buy one of these robes. Yes I said a robe at Kirkland’s. I know it’s weird, I thought so too that’s why when I was standing in the middle of all that home decor and furniture the robes hanging there caught my attention and I felt it and oh my lord it was heaven. They are on clearance. They are obviously not a regular item but oh my god go get one!!! They are $20.00 and they are the yummiest softest lightweight yet fuzzy cotton candy clouds of wonderful you’ve ever known. It feels like you’re wearing a kitten (but in an entirely not as gross as that sounded sort of way).

These would be THE PERFECT shower gift because an infant needs their mommy to have robe this freakishly soft. I wish I knew someone who was pregnant.


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