The Hippies Always Win

I had to avoid the Internet all day yesterday so I didn’t stumble across the ending for the Amazing Race. But I had a feeling it was going to be TK and Rachel. And it was.

I was so glad last week when the two fighters Jenn and whats-his-face finally finally were eliminated. See I didn’t even care enough about them to memorize his name. Just the dude who fights with the blonde chick.

Anyway I’m glad it was them. I don’t buy for a second that Ron’s change was anything that is going to stick. I think he’ll go right back home and return to being the asshole father he always was. And Nicolas and Don just never appealed to me.

My favorites were always Kent and Vixen but alas they didn’t win.

If you haven’t seen Phil the rocks in Taipei you have to watch this here in fact if you love the race and you’ve never watched Phil’s background videos take the time and go check them out. It’s a fun little sneak peak into the production side of the show (which I have about 1 million questions about)


One thought on “The Hippies Always Win

  1. I love The Amazing Race! I totally agree with your above assessment. I was actually rooting for either TK/Rachel or “The Goths.” My hubby and I would laugh every time we’d see their description on the screen. Do they really need to tell us every time that they’re Goth? I was sad when they were eliminated, but thrilled that TK/Rachel made it!
    I haven’t seen the Phil footage, so I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the link!

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