What happens when you read them leadership books for bedtime stories

Inch and Miles: The Journey to SuccessUpon finding a dry diaper on the two-year old when her pajamas were removed the morning after.

Me: FuzzyHead, you have a dry diaper. Way to go, that’s awesome.

Her: A Dry Diaper!! Mommy, I’m so proud YOU! <Holds up hand> Give me a Baby Five….

I bought Inch and Miles for the older one last year when she started playing team sports and also as a prep for Kindergarten. The younger one likes it a lot too and clearly it’s having an impact on her ability to “Encourage the Heart”… which ironically enough is Mama’s weakest point as a leader.

If you haven’t seen this book it’s awesome. It’s basically a kid version of Wooden On Leadership. Which also is an awesome book for the grown ups. You don’t have to be in business to have it mean something to you.. it can be seen as a great parenting book as well.

It always happens this way…

Whenever I some awesome blogger shares the love and gives me a link, my blog is invariable in a state of disarray. I feel like the internet showed up at my door and my house is a wreck.

Excuses abound… I’ve been on the road for two straight weeks. Work has been a roller-coaster. I had to fire someone. My parents were thankfully at my house when I was gone and were able to deal with my sick child but at the same time my parents were at my house for two straight weeks.

I’ve been overwhelmed and frankly would like to just crawl under a rock.

But I won’t.

So please please if you’ve come here thinking that Fuzzy wouldn’t steer you wrong. Keep believin’. Click the feed, check the bookmark, hang out a while and I promise I will be back to my normal pithy self in no time flat.

Wii Love Valentines

wiiAs hinted yesterday, Sunday morning I was casually flipping through the Sunday ads when I saw this. I casually took a sip of my hot chocolate and casually asked, “so how much are those Wii things that you’ve been trying to find?” To which the Doctor replied, “Around $300, why?” and I continued to be ever so calm and I said “Just wondering, they had the x-box thingy in this one and I didn’t know how they compared” ’cause I’m just that smooth.

A few minutes later I got up, went to the bedroom got dressed and returned to the kitchen and announced, “I’m going to Circuit City to get that hard-drive that’s on sale so I can back-up all that music you’ve ripped.” He looks up and raises an eyebrow, “Are they open this early.” to which I smile coyly…”No, but they are right by Target.” Man am I good.

So I got to TRU at 9:30 (they opened at 10:00) and no one was outside. Good or Bad I wasn’t sure. Then I noticed there were lots of car with people in them. Bad. One fellow was standing by the door. I walked up. “Have the given out tickets?” – he didn’t have to ask for what he just said he didn’t know. He had just hung up with his Dad in Atlanta and they had there, his Dad had one.

A few minutes later a couple left their car and walked up. They had a merchandise slip. Damn.

I asked if they had given them all out, the boy said, “Yes.” The girl smacked him. “No,” she smiled, “He’s an ass. They have 40 units and I’d guess that he gave out about 12 before when they came out. You should have no problem” We continued to chat. She had been looking for weeks… etc… Then more people started to come up. All with tales of waiting in lines and being disappointed. Was today the day they got lucky?

The woman behind me in line was at least 65 closer to 70. She was buying it for herself and her husband. They had played at a friends house last week and loved it. Behind her in line was a dad and his 6 year old boy. I thought to myself man what a product they’ve got everyone from a 6 year old to a 65 year old standing in line and the darn thing has been out for more than a year.

Well let me tell you it was worth it!

Wii had the best Valentines! And if I can recover from my Guitar Hero induced carpel tunnel I’ll post some pics of MY FREAKING PARENTS playing a video game. Something I never in my 41 years thought I would see.

Happy Valentines

There’s a big family valentines surprise for later in the day when they get home. Here’s a hint: It involved a sudden unplanned mad dash to the local ToysRUs at 9:30 on Sunday morning to stand in line and take numbers …. and starts with a W.

The Dr thinks he knows the story but he’s unaware of certain parts.. parts that will take him back to his lanky teen-age boy years and let him live out those fantasies once again.


The state of the American Novel

Oh my lord can anyone write something where no one dies and no one had a “traumatic even” and no one has to over come freaking adversity??

Seriously what happened to fun?

Perusing this shelf of books at the airport newsstand pretty much made me want to slit my wrists.

I settled on a freaking romance novel… at least I know there will be someone getting some.


Looking for the nearest wall to beat my head against..

Me at the airport – My Parents at my house

Ring Ring…

Her: Hello?

Me: Mom, I need you to forward an email to my gmail account so I can send the information to the softball coach

Her: Okay let me look

Me: It’s the last one, the subject is “Info”

Her: Yes I see it

Me: Okay forward it to my gmail.

Her: Hold on I’ll make your Dad do it.

Me: Huh?

Him: Hello?

Me: Dad, I need you to forward the email that the subject is “Info” to my gmail account.

Him: Where?

Me: On the kitchen computer.

Him: Oh, okay. Forward it where?

Me: To my gmail account.. myname@gmail.com

Him: Okay, what is it?

Me: myname@gmail.com

Him: myname@gmail.com?

Me: Yes

Him: Hold on your mother is typing

Me: What?

Him: There’s no U

Me: What?

Him: Your mother’s making typos

Me: What?

Him: Okay she sent it.

Me: Okay fine….

… Jeopardy music as I wait at the airport…. nothing. I make my phone check the house email (which clearly for some reason was missing the email in question)… and get a bounce notification.

Ring Ring

Her: Hello?

Me: Mom – You mispelled my name!

Her: Oh I always do that

Me: You’re my mother! You decided how to spell it!!!!!

Her: Yeah well