Wild Animals and Long Lenses

So if you’re a mom and you own a SLR it probably didn’t take you too long to decide you needed the long lens. In fact it probably took you exactly one baseball or soccer game. Me too.

Saturday I discovered another unexpected joy that the long lens brings. The Zoo. Here in my section of NE Florida we have a pretty awesome zoo and today we had picture perfect Chamber of Commerce your a jerk if your inside weather. (85 degrees with no humidity doesn’t happen much here so we go outside and do dances) We also did what most of the population of NE Florida did, we went to the zoo. And I had the best time ever. We’re already members but man and I going to be back there more now.

Because I got to take pictures like this.

DSC_4796 copy

And this

DSC_4802 copy

And then there was this fellow taking an opportunity to work on his tan

 DSC_4791 copy

This sweet baby was the star of the day. Born January 26th he was 5’7′ and 142 pounds at birth. Saturday he got his first taste of the big yard but we were too late to see it. After a few hours in the morning his mama shoved him back in the pen.

DSC_4764 copy

And of course the folks in these parts are partial to those Jaguars.

CIMG0328 copy

These two wild things were allowed to roam free but under a watchful eye.

CIMG0327 copy


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