Looking for the nearest wall to beat my head against..

Me at the airport – My Parents at my house

Ring Ring…

Her: Hello?

Me: Mom, I need you to forward an email to my gmail account so I can send the information to the softball coach

Her: Okay let me look

Me: It’s the last one, the subject is “Info”

Her: Yes I see it

Me: Okay forward it to my gmail.

Her: Hold on I’ll make your Dad do it.

Me: Huh?

Him: Hello?

Me: Dad, I need you to forward the email that the subject is “Info” to my gmail account.

Him: Where?

Me: On the kitchen computer.

Him: Oh, okay. Forward it where?

Me: To my gmail account.. myname@gmail.com

Him: Okay, what is it?

Me: myname@gmail.com

Him: myname@gmail.com?

Me: Yes

Him: Hold on your mother is typing

Me: What?

Him: There’s no U

Me: What?

Him: Your mother’s making typos

Me: What?

Him: Okay she sent it.

Me: Okay fine….

… Jeopardy music as I wait at the airport…. nothing. I make my phone check the house email (which clearly for some reason was missing the email in question)… and get a bounce notification.

Ring Ring

Her: Hello?

Me: Mom – You mispelled my name!

Her: Oh I always do that

Me: You’re my mother! You decided how to spell it!!!!!

Her: Yeah well


One thought on “Looking for the nearest wall to beat my head against..

  1. HA HA HA. That is great! (‘Great’ as in ‘how annoying and I can totally relate.)
    My hubby’s parents are not the sharpest knives in the drawer when it comes to computers. My hubby is the Tech Guy with all the knowledge, but I am the one with all the patience for dealing with them. Conversations with them regarding the computer always start out with, Them: “You know the TV part of the computer? The big TV screen part with all the pictures?” Me: “You mean the monitor?” ha ha ha haaaaaaaaargh.

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