What happens when you read them leadership books for bedtime stories

Inch and Miles: The Journey to SuccessUpon finding a dry diaper on the two-year old when her pajamas were removed the morning after.

Me: FuzzyHead, you have a dry diaper. Way to go, that’s awesome.

Her: A Dry Diaper!! Mommy, I’m so proud YOU! <Holds up hand> Give me a Baby Five….

I bought Inch and Miles for the older one last year when she started playing team sports and also as a prep for Kindergarten. The younger one likes it a lot too and clearly it’s having an impact on her ability to “Encourage the Heart”… which ironically enough is Mama’s weakest point as a leader.

If you haven’t seen this book it’s awesome. It’s basically a kid version of Wooden On Leadership. Which also is an awesome book for the grown ups. You don’t have to be in business to have it mean something to you.. it can be seen as a great parenting book as well.


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