I swear we have not fallen off the face of the earth

Between Easter and Fuzzy Head deciding that she wants to potty train NOW, NO RIGHT NOW!!!! It’s been crazy and hectic and there barely seems time to lay you head down at night. There is also the fact that I’m about 4 weeks out from my national sales meeting and I have no less than 4 presentations – none of which are more than 25% done.

Oh and I think the Chem Lawn people killed all my grass yesterday.

I swear if you just let me gripe and complain I’ll have lots to say this week. Snort.

My Cheeks Hurt From Grinning

I haven’t had the time to properly express my joy at the fact that Big Bang Theory aired a new show this week. Gawd how I live this show. It comes on and I just start giggling. By the time it’s over I’m exhausted with laughter. No TV show has given me this much joy since Gilmore Girls, you know the earlier ones where Rory was young and they she and Lorelei actually had regular dialogue. I guess that’s why I like this show much, the writing is crazy smart and the actor who plays Sheldon is a freaking comic genius. He’s timing is amazing.

Maybe I just find it so amusing because I lived beside guys just like this in the “engineering dorm” at Auburn. I swear they had this argument or one just like it at least one month…


A Celebration of All Things Fuzzy

Fuzzy Head has peed on the potty three times in the last 24 hours. Hallelujah. The first time was at school after nap. The second time was right before bed when her sister made her sit on the potty while I was fussing just to hurry up and get in bed (cause I’m just that great of a Mom) and the third was this morning after she got up. You need these details you know you do. Seriously is there anything more boring than listening to someone else rant about their kid peeing? To this I say, Oh Well.

After she peed on the potty she looked at me and said, “I want my princess panties.” with all the seriousness and potential violence of a crack addict 5 hours overdue for his fix. She got the princess panties.

So today in celebration I will load you up with Fuzzy facts and goodness:

  • She cannot stand to hear her sister and mother people sing off key. We don’t know if she can can sing herself yet but we know she at least hears in tune.
  • She loves to do the “Pokey Pokey” but if you say “Pokey Pokey” she will yell at you until you correct yourself and say “Hokey Pokey” and then apologize for slandering the name of the greatest game ever.
  • She idolizes her older sister. Of late we’ve been referring to the two of them as Monkey See and Monkey Do.
  • When playing Max and Ruby, she always gets to be Max.
  • She gathers the children in her class at school around her and reads them “Brown Bear Brown Bear” with so much drama and purpose that they sit in rapt attention while her teacher has to run to the bathroom before she pees herself laughing.
  • She clearly does not remember the beach from last summer since you would have thought she had died and gone to heaven on Saturday when we went and ate dinner on the water


  • She have retained her passion for bunny ears


I can tease them because they finally won! Yeah Stars!!

Watching my daughter’s t-ball team is a hoot! We’re still in the 4 – 6 year old bracket and let me just tell you there is nothing funnier than watching a bunch of little girls exasperate the hell out of their daddies the way only a 4 year old in a t-ball uniform can.

We finally won our first game this weekend. So to celebrate I thought I’d share this little play action series of our stellar defense with you.

“Is anyone really paying any attention to what we’re doing here?”


“OH crap, someone hit a ball!” 


“It’s mine! No, it’s mine! Hey get out of my way!”


“I told you it was MINE!!!”


“Do you have it? I don’t have it, I thought you said you had it”


As Heard Around The Palace

After hearing the sound of constant spitting in the girls bathroom:

Me: Pud what is wrong with you?

Pud: I don’t know but every single second snot just keeps coming out my backdoor!

Me: What?!?

Pud: Snot’s coming out my backdoor.

Me: You mean your sinuses are draining?

Pud: Yeah, that.

Something You Can Do To Make A Difference For MS Right Now

Members of the House of Representatives are signing on to a letter requesting that $15 million be provided for multiple sclerosis research through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). This Dear Colleague letter is being circulated in the House by Congressmen Russ Carnahan (D-MO) and Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX).

If your representative is not on the list, click here to send a quick reminder.
Dear Colleague Signers as of March 14, 2008

  • Tammy Baldwin, (WI-2)
  • Howard Berman, (CA-28)
  • Leonard Boswell, (IA-3)
  • Michael Burgess, (TX-26)
  • Christopher Carney, (PA-10)
  • Lois Capps, (CA-23)
  • Russ Carnahan, (MO-3)
  • Susan Davis, (CA-53)
  • Bill Delahunt, (MA-10)
  • Vernon Ehlers, (MI-3)
  • Keith Ellison, (MN-5)
  • Philip English, (PA-3)
  • Bob Filner, (CA-51)
  • Barney Frank, (MA-4)
  • Bart Gordon, (TN-6)
  • Ruben Hinojosa, (TX-15)
  • Tim Holden, (PA-17)
  • Hank Johnson, (GA-4)
  • Patrick Kennedy, (RI-1)
  • Dennis Kucinich, (OH-10)
  • James Langevin, (RI-2)
  • Sander Levin, (MI-12)
  • John Lewis, (GA-5)
  • Frank LoBiondo, (NJ-2)
  • Edward Markey, (MA-7)
  • Jim Marshall, (GA-8)
  • Carolyn McCarthy, (NY-4)
  • Jim McDermott, (WA-7)
  • Brad Miller, (NC-13)
  • Harry Mitchell, (AZ-5)
  • Dennis Moore, (KS-3)
  • Tim Murphy, (PA-18)
  • Collin Peterson, (MN-7)
  • Todd Russell Platts, (PA-19)
  • Rick Renzi, (AZ-1)
  • Bobby Rush, (IL-1)
  • Janice Schakowsky, (IL-9)
  • Allyson Schwartz, (PA-13)
  • Pete Sessions, (TX-32)
  • Christopher Shays, (CT-4)
  • Vic Snyder, (AR-2)
  • Edolphus Towns, (NY-10)
  • Henry Waxman, (CA-30)
  • Peter Welch, (VT-At Large)
  • David Wu, (OR-1)

Fighting the Frump – Florida Style


I was reading Fussy’s Fight The Frump this morning and while I agree the outfit is totally so cute (love the yellow jacket) and YOU would look so good in it. It just wouldn’t play down here in the Sunshine State. 

Anyone who has read a Carl Hiaasen novel knows that in Florida we do things a little differently down here. (And FYI for my money Tim Dorsey is way way better but I digress). 

Fashion is no exception. While the rest of you are debating jeans and trousers – we’ve never put our shorts and capris away. Long pants are something that you wear if it’s a dress code requirement and you know I don’t do dress codes.

What we pride ourselves on around here is knowing what kind of short is appropriate where, ’cause let’s face it Saturday Night out at the Dive Bar and Sunday afternoon Brunch At the Beach are two different categories of shorts/shoe combinations. These fine subtleties are what keeps us from looking like we’re from a back woods swamp

…. or worse… tourists!

First it’s important to identify your lengths.


It’s all about the knee cleavage folks…

Shorts – Well we all know where that stands: Beach, Boating, Generally everyday wear. Must be worn with flat shoes. Requires a FULL LEG shave or wax – please people!

Bermudas – Full knee exposure: Dressy everyday wear, when you want to look at bit more put together or if you’re going out at night but still going casual. Again flat shoes only but raised flat shoe works too- we’ll get into that next week. Don’t want to shave/wax above the knee, stay in this category or below I beg you.

Skimmer – Knee Cleavage only: Slightly more conservative, with a good belt your set for date night. Shoes can start to have a little incline to them.

Capris – Covered Knees: Good for PTA meetings, non-sanctuary church events, and other places where you want to be a bit more conservative. Perfect to dress up with low heel sandals.


Next week let’s have a serious chat about the benefit of a good pedicure and the right sandal shall we?

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week: MS and Motherhood

100px-Orange_ribbon_svg Here we are with the latest entry into the MS Awareness week vide blog. Today the topic is Motherhood. Pregnancy is one of the big categories of questions that I get asked about by people who want to know about MS so it seemed like it needed it’s own topic. I went outside today for better light and as a result was all kind of squinty but at least I managed to only have one incident of bang obsession this time.

Again I’ll state my disclaimer that I’m just a girl on the internet talking about her case of MS. I’m not smarter or more knowledgeable than the professionals in your life. I’m talking about my experiences, take them as just that and nothing more.

Melissa’s Facts on MS


Couple of things I should note before you watch the vide:

1. I have MS but that doesn’t make me an expert. Never take my word over your doctor, lawyer, mother or best friend’s sister-in-law’s neighbor. I’m just some chick on the internet.

2. The lighting in my office in the morning is even worse than it is in the afternoons. I will be exploring other venues for the next post.

3. I seriously need to get my bangs cut because clearly I can’t stop messing with them. What is up with that?

4. Huge Thanks to Fussy  and Her Mad Hat today for posting links to this blog on her website today! Your rock!

My Face Of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

In recognition of National MS Awareness week I’m going to be video blogging the rest of the week about MS, particular my story with MS.

I’ve covered this before on this blog but for those of you who are new, I have MS. I was diagnosed 11 years ago this month. MS is a part of me, part of my everyday life but it doesn’t define me. I don’t blog about it alot because it’s one those things that’s kind like having blue eyes, that’s part of me too but I don’t talk about it all the time.

So here’s my first MS Video… 6 minutes of me talking about me! Whoot that was fun!