Lord Help Us All

Wednesday night I sat and read my book while I watched the Doctor struggle to find and a buy the latest Rush Album on iTunes, then create a playlist and burn it to a CD. (‘Cause he’s not use for iPods)

It took him 2 and a half hours people!

I sat over here on my nice cozy couch and refused to help, cause let’s face it most 6 year olds can buy a freaking song from iTunes these days. I just kept reminding him that the fact that I knew how to do it wasn’t something that was imprinted on my DNA and that if he could graduate from med school I’m sure he could master downloading a few songs from iTunes.  He cursed and drank lots of scotch but he managed it finally. Yeah for him.


He went to bed exhausted from the effort.

To celebrate I went out Thursday night and bought him an iPhone. What do you think, did I over do it? Too much?

Yeah you wish your spouse was that mean to you huh?

I know lots of frying pan into the fire going on with that but here’s the thing. His palm pilot was teetering on inoperable and I’m tired of dealing with it and he needs it for his prescription databases at work. There are online yummy Web 2.0 version he could use if he had a smartphone so I’ve been pushing him towards that.  But he doesn’t take well to new things.

"You won’t need a phone and a palm pilot honey.. you’ll be lighting your load!"

His biggest hang-up was really the damn screen. He he’s getting old – approaching 42, while I however am just barely 41 – and the whole my-arms-aren’t-long-enough eye site thing is starting to kick into mister-I’ve-been-20/20-my-whole-life. And he’s having a hard time adjusting to idea of glasses and half the time can’t read a damn thing because of it.

Dude has more gray hair than anyone I know but thinks glasses are going to make him look old. <insert eye roll here>

So I got him the phone with the biggest and most readable screen and the rest well he’ll probably never even use. Which is sad. But I will. Expect to get me when you call his cell phone on weekends.

Until then I’ll have fun doing passive-aggressive things to make him learn how to use it like setting his ringtone to the "Alarm" which sounds like what you’d expect to hear at the pentagon right after they sense that China has just launched a nuclear attack – and then I call him when I know he’s in rounds…

After he figures that one out I’ll start texting him about picking up groceries on the way home from work, one item at a time.


One thought on “Lord Help Us All

  1. Too funny. You are a bit devious aren’t you? Nice gift though!

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