Fighting the Frump – Florida Style


I was reading Fussy’s Fight The Frump this morning and while I agree the outfit is totally so cute (love the yellow jacket) and YOU would look so good in it. It just wouldn’t play down here in the Sunshine State. 

Anyone who has read a Carl Hiaasen novel knows that in Florida we do things a little differently down here. (And FYI for my money Tim Dorsey is way way better but I digress). 

Fashion is no exception. While the rest of you are debating jeans and trousers – we’ve never put our shorts and capris away. Long pants are something that you wear if it’s a dress code requirement and you know I don’t do dress codes.

What we pride ourselves on around here is knowing what kind of short is appropriate where, ’cause let’s face it Saturday Night out at the Dive Bar and Sunday afternoon Brunch At the Beach are two different categories of shorts/shoe combinations. These fine subtleties are what keeps us from looking like we’re from a back woods swamp

…. or worse… tourists!

First it’s important to identify your lengths.


It’s all about the knee cleavage folks…

Shorts – Well we all know where that stands: Beach, Boating, Generally everyday wear. Must be worn with flat shoes. Requires a FULL LEG shave or wax – please people!

Bermudas – Full knee exposure: Dressy everyday wear, when you want to look at bit more put together or if you’re going out at night but still going casual. Again flat shoes only but raised flat shoe works too- we’ll get into that next week. Don’t want to shave/wax above the knee, stay in this category or below I beg you.

Skimmer – Knee Cleavage only: Slightly more conservative, with a good belt your set for date night. Shoes can start to have a little incline to them.

Capris – Covered Knees: Good for PTA meetings, non-sanctuary church events, and other places where you want to be a bit more conservative. Perfect to dress up with low heel sandals.


Next week let’s have a serious chat about the benefit of a good pedicure and the right sandal shall we?


2 thoughts on “Fighting the Frump – Florida Style

  1. I thank you for this post! I live up in the wonderfully rainy northwest and I was discussing shorts vs. capris vs. bermudas with a friend the other day(dont ask why it is a loooong story) and she didn’t believe me there was a difference! I look forward to your pedicure and sandals post next week I did a feet post today.

  2. Thank God you set the shoe heel level rule. I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact the whole thing rang true…very true! Thanks.

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