Things I don’t have to worry about

So the disks for the second season of Weeds came from Netflix last week and one evening when the Dr was hanging out with The Engineer (next door) helping him tile his porch after the kids had gone to bed I put the disk in and sat back to enjoy.

For several episodes the house is plagued with plumbing issues, finally the plumber comes and discovers socks in the pipes. Socks? Nancy is as confused as I am. Then the plumbers asks if she has a young teenage boy in the house… if you have one, you might see where this is going. I did not. Seems young sweet Shane has discovered “himself” is in need of a lecture on the the proper methods of by-product disposal. Shortly there after Nancy tasks Uncle Andy with talking to Shane.

What follows is one of the funniest monologues I have ever seen on television. I had no idea this was such a complicated subject. And how the the actors got through this scene in a single shot I’ll never understand. I was rolling on the couch. I was laughing so hard. I almost peed.

Then out of nowhere, The Dr suddenly shows up. Walks up to the receiver under the television. Hits a button. Looks at me and totally deadpan announces, “Zone 2 was on.”  Translation… I was broadcasting it to the entire neighborhood through our outside speakers.

This weekend at the crawfish boil I told all the other moms about it.

This morning I referred to it in a comment on this blog.

I’ve done everything but post about it myself so here it is.

Warning: It’s hilarious, it’s kind of sweet, it’s very educational,  but well, it’s about masturbating so if you’re going to get all offended don’t watch it.

Here it is


One thought on “Things I don’t have to worry about

  1. THAT is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂 (And, bonus points to you for broadcasting throughout the neighborhood.) Ha!

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