Renaming Fight the Frump Friday

To Fight The Frizz Friday

I know I know … our friend Bossy would suggest that you must embrace your inner curl but as far as I can tell, she does NOT live in the South and us Southern gals have to stick together.

We are in that time of year when the humidity is at 100% more than it’s not and it’s time to deal with some serious frizz. Yes, curls are beautiful and but let’s face it they are nearly impossible to maintain if your going to actually leave the house this time of year. So unless we want to look like Swamp Girl we must either live 24/7 in pony tail (Frump) or we must invest in a killer flatiron. Now now, Fussy said no crimpers. She did not mention a thing about flat irons.

My personal flat iron of choice is the Chi. It is the Cadillac na the Rolls Royce of flat irons and frankly the only one that I’ve found that will give me a sleek polished look lickedy-split. There are certainly less expensive models out there and if you don’t have really thick hair there is every chance they will work for you. But if you are like me, and you have thick –  past –  wavy – and – on – to  – curly  – hair: Invest.

It was hard for me to swallow the cost at first but then I did the salon math:

10 times a year I might treat myself to a blowout at the Salon. (Big Parties, Special Events, Power Meetings etc)

A blowout that in any salon is going to cost at least $35 with tip and that’s if you come in with a wet head.

10 x $35 = $350 a year de-frizzing the mane – which is 3 times more than the flat iron cost me. So it’s actually saving me money – and I get to look nice day in and day out. 

Let’s face it there are lots of places we can scrimp for the family budget ladies but our hair should not be one of them.


6 thoughts on “Renaming Fight the Frump Friday

  1. I like your math 🙂
    I love our Chi! I say ours because I have two teenage daughters. They love theirs so much that I had to but one for each of them. They actually asked for them for Christmas.

  2. Great price comparison. Product DOES add up!

  3. Wow, that is spendy. My mom bought me mine for a present one year…but it was a BaByliss.
    I love the picture of the hair…I could do that to mine. hee hee

  4. The flat iron can be your best friend.

  5. Wow, are we on the same page or what?? I posted today about flat irons… which goes hand in hand with your posts for sure!
    If my Revlon goes kaput, I will be getting that Chi for sure!
    Great post!

  6. I’d never gotten why anyone would pay so much for a wash and style, but now I have a serious thing to go to next week, so I got my hair cut yesterday, and as the stylist did amazing things with a round brush, all I could think was I wish I’d waited until the morning of my thing to get my hair cut. And when they shampoo my hair, oh! I could just cry.

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