The Name Game

I’ve been struggling with a little nuance of this blog lately in that I don’t use anyone’s proper name here, especially the kids. See my kids have very unique names. Names that would be incredible easy to Google were I to use the real thing and part of me knows that I don’t need to make this blog the first thing a middle school mean girl finds in 6 or 7 years when looking for ways to torture my offspring.

When I was pregnant, I was a pretty cool cucumber. I didn’t get to wiggy about much but names were the one thing that I got completely nuts over. I read name book after name book looking for just that perfect combination that met all requirements.

They are rhythmic and professional and fun and sleek and just plain great names. They are cross-gender names. I work in the employment industry people and it’s an ugly fact that many female and minority resumes never get put in the interview pile based solely on the the facts you can presume based on a person’s name.

I spent a lot of time and sole searching on those names so making up new ones is more than I can deal with.

So the next choice is nicknames.

Puddin’s nickname was easy – we actually call her that and it’s cute and she likes it. No big deal.

FuzzyHead however is a different matter. We started calling her that when she was an infant and was born with a crop of terrible – stick – straight – up – hair.  But that crazy hair eventually have way to long beautiful locks of silky blonde hair. The kind of stuff you pay your stylist hundreds of dollars to attempt to achieve. She no longer has a fuzzy head. And she does not like being called that. “I not a Fuzzy Head Mama!!”


So the child needs a new nickname and I, who have been a life long granter of nicknames, cannot come up with one that feels right. I’m that person. The one that tags the people with the nicknames that stick. But I can’t seem to feel my way to hers.

An interesting note here: They both call each other Sissy. They rarely use each others given names. If they do, it’s when they are not happy with the other person and most likely trying to tattle. “<INSERT NAME> is TOUCHING my stuff!!!!”

So what to call FuzzyHead? I’m just not sure… for now here, she’ll remain Fuzzy Head until I’m sure where we’re going to go from here. But hopefully one day soon I’ll stumble across her proper nickname and it won’t be something gawd awful like what my brother tried to saddle me with  – Moose Foot.


One thought on “The Name Game

  1. How about Goldie Locks?

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