Trying To Remember Normal

Since the first of the month either the girls haven’t been here, or I haven’t been here, or there have been extra people here. But today, we are all back in the right places. And soon we should return from normal, just after I can re-program my children from 3 weeks of continuous grandparent exposure.

In the meantime here are some pretty shots from Chicago trip. My first trip there and it lived up to all the hype.

First we toured the town in a double-decker bus

DSC_6895 copy

DSC_6886 copy


DSC_6907 copy

Then we arrived for our concert at the Lincoln Park Zoo

DSC_6919 copy

DSC_6922 copy

And we could have been this close to the stage for the Maroon 5 concert.


But because S and I are 40 had VIP bands we decided to watch from up here.


And Maroon 5 was amazingly rock-ish in concert… not at all the whiny boys they sound like on the new CD. Maybe I need to give it another listen.


See those lights in the crowd – those kids today and their cell phones, posting to Facebook. I swear they didn’t dance or sing, they just took pictures and texted. It was kind of sad.

The next night we went to the Cubs game pictures of that tomorrow.


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