Report from the Grandparents

Remember when you swam so much that you had to collapse on a pool chair?

You were probably six.



Some Guy Keeps Following Me Around

So the kids have been at the grandparents now for a couple of days. (You can tell because I’ve been spending my time writing tons of awesome posts right – Not!)  .. anyway, in their absence .. a very strange thing has happened.

I’ve discovered there is this guy living in my house. And he’s kind of cute and sweet, and he keeps following me everywhere. Internet, I think he likes me.

Yesterday I went shopping. Not the mad dash, only look for what you need shopping that you do with kids.  But that lazy I got nothing else to do wandering/shopping that you did before kids. To shops you don’t normally go in. For things you didn’t know you needed.

And here is the shocking part.

He went went with me. And willingly and cheerfully spent time in frou frou girly stores, and camera stores, and stationery stores… just following me around. Like he used to. Happy to tag along as long as there was a promise of cocktails periodically throughout the day. At several points we held hands.

Then later when we got home. I helped him with some yard work.

A strange thing happens without kids.

You start to revert to the behaviors that made you want to marry each other to start with. Things we forgot we did.

I know that when the kids return, this will all disappear again. But it’s nice to know that it’s not really gone. It’s just tucked away like our good wedding linen, in the closet. And we can easily get it out again on special occasions. 

The Name Game

I’ve been struggling with a little nuance of this blog lately in that I don’t use anyone’s proper name here, especially the kids. See my kids have very unique names. Names that would be incredible easy to Google were I to use the real thing and part of me knows that I don’t need to make this blog the first thing a middle school mean girl finds in 6 or 7 years when looking for ways to torture my offspring.

When I was pregnant, I was a pretty cool cucumber. I didn’t get to wiggy about much but names were the one thing that I got completely nuts over. I read name book after name book looking for just that perfect combination that met all requirements.

They are rhythmic and professional and fun and sleek and just plain great names. They are cross-gender names. I work in the employment industry people and it’s an ugly fact that many female and minority resumes never get put in the interview pile based solely on the the facts you can presume based on a person’s name.

I spent a lot of time and sole searching on those names so making up new ones is more than I can deal with.

So the next choice is nicknames.

Puddin’s nickname was easy – we actually call her that and it’s cute and she likes it. No big deal.

FuzzyHead however is a different matter. We started calling her that when she was an infant and was born with a crop of terrible – stick – straight – up – hair.  But that crazy hair eventually have way to long beautiful locks of silky blonde hair. The kind of stuff you pay your stylist hundreds of dollars to attempt to achieve. She no longer has a fuzzy head. And she does not like being called that. “I not a Fuzzy Head Mama!!”


So the child needs a new nickname and I, who have been a life long granter of nicknames, cannot come up with one that feels right. I’m that person. The one that tags the people with the nicknames that stick. But I can’t seem to feel my way to hers.

An interesting note here: They both call each other Sissy. They rarely use each others given names. If they do, it’s when they are not happy with the other person and most likely trying to tattle. “<INSERT NAME> is TOUCHING my stuff!!!!”

So what to call FuzzyHead? I’m just not sure… for now here, she’ll remain Fuzzy Head until I’m sure where we’re going to go from here. But hopefully one day soon I’ll stumble across her proper nickname and it won’t be something gawd awful like what my brother tried to saddle me with  – Moose Foot.

Time For Them To Fly – Setting Free the Butterflies

Saturday afternoon, 17 days after the arrival of our larvae, the time had come to say good-bye to our butterfly friends. Puddin’ did an excellent job of taking care of her charges and we had hatched(?) 10 lovely little butterflies that lived hanging from her ceiling fan for a week.  In butterfly years that’s close to a lifetime and we felt it was only right to give them a taste of great outdoors while they could still enjoy it.


The Dr. was in charge of butterfly retrieval. We were very surprised that they did not immediately want to fly away but instead seemed content to hang out with us for a bit longer.


FuzzyHead was extremely content to let them tip-toe around on her fingertips.


Turns out some of them were a little ummm "busy."  Official line we fed the kids. They are just scared and holding hands.  Yeah that’s it.


Boo doesn’t look nearly as sure of this as Fuzzy Head was.


Eventually one of them got the bright idea to fly away. The butterfly is the little bit of orange in front of the tree.


Reality came home a bit for Pud at that point. It’s hard to let go of something you’ve worked so hard for and loved so much.


But we waved good-bye to those that would leave.


Until it was just these two left. And there were ummm still busy. Please know that the only thing keeping me from making extremely bad jokes here about butterfly love is my better judgment about creating crass google-able remarks on a post that has kids in bathing suits in it. This is difficult, very difficult.


So we decided that perhaps they needed a little quiet time on a nearby flower.


Which suited them just fine.  They stayed there for quite some time. And Puddin’ made her peace with letting them go. She did a fabulous job with these guys. Mama is very proud of you my girl.


Sunday Summers At Home

So Shutter Sisters sent us out yesterday to take pictures of Sunday Summer pictures at home and I think I was a little over inspired. It was too hard to choose so here are a few:

She will stay on the swing all day if we let her.

This one is straight out of the camera.


These I played with the PW Actions a bit



I loved that he’s looking right at me and that it’s just before the big splash. Most of my jump-in-the-pool pictures are all leap or all splash. Rarely do I get full form. I need to start snapping earlier I think.

This one I tried to play with a bit but couldn’t really find anything that took the extreme light of the pool with out making the rest too dark. Does anyone know a good way to deal with lots of light reflection in pool water?