Old Navy – You’re the One That’s Not Cool.

So this morning I was deleting the nightly junk mail going along click click click trash trash trash… then off of a sudden WAIT ….. Did I really just see what I thought I saw…

“Old Navy – See what the Cool Girls Will Be Wearing”  WTF? They can’t be serious!


As a mom this makes me shake my head and reinforces why I haven’t bought clothes at Old Navy since something like 2003.  All hail the power of the checkbook.

As a marketing professional it’s shameful… this is just plain low brow and worse lazy. I’m hoping Old Navy didn’t pay too much for that campaign with all it’s originality and whatnot. Are they using 10 year old girls to write their copy now?

It gets worse.. I won’t glorify it will pictures but when you open the email “cool” – is evidently something they are calling Preppy Punk – which basically just looks like someone raided my 80’s closet and took the worst of the worst out of it – then put the wrong pieces together. Lovely.

But here’s where it really gets offensive.

When you scroll down… there is the “Honor Roll” section – in which uniforms are featured with clean cut All American type girls.

So what does that mean? “Cool Girls” don’t get good grades? They aren’t on the honor roll? Only private school girls are smart?

I hate to break it to the brain trust at Old Navy but the majority of “Smart Girls” I knew as a teenager – the future Ivy Leaguers  – were all pretty anti-establishment and free thinking including their fashion choices. They certainly could have taught Old Navy a thing or two about 80’s fashion while they were at it.

So to Old Navy I say screw you. My daughters clothes will never be bought in your store as long as your ad campaigns are just a shameless regurgitation of negative female stereotypes.  When you come up with some original fashion and a smart campaign pro-female to sell it with – well maybe we’ll consider you again but I won’t be holding onto my breath… not like I am my money.


One thought on “Old Navy – You’re the One That’s Not Cool.

  1. thanks for giving me yet another reason NOT to shop there!!

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