Go Auburn Tigers!!!

I like to start each season out by posting this article written by of all people a reporter from Syracus, NY, after attending his first Auburn game. As part of the Auburn faithful we sometime have trouble putting into words what it is to go to an Auburn game. This stranger in our midst was somehow able to capture the wonder of it all, and I am forever grateful.

Written by Bud Poliquin, a columnist for the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper after covering the 2002 Auburn vs. Syracuse football game in Auburn. The article was written for and published in the Post-Standard on October 3, 2002.


I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have done all of these things and I’ve been changed forever.

I knew, of course, that we were different up here. I understood that autumn Saturdays in our burg have never been given over to any kind of serious sporting fervor. I’ve accepted for a good, long while that a fair amount of our citizens regularly choose to pick apples or seal driveways rather than head to the Carrier Dome to watch the Syracuse University Orangemen at play.

But, Lord have mercy on our college football souls, I’ve come to realize we’re not merely quirky in these parts. And we’re not just overly particular. No, having attended a game in Auburn, Ala. – which is like going to Mass in Rome – I’m convinced that, by comparison, we’re as dead as the flying wedge.

"Let me tell you something," said Paul Pasqualoni, the SU coach who can recognize bedlam when he is forced to shout above it. "Being in that stadium with all those people – the noise level, the atmosphere – was exciting. It was a lot of fun. To me, it was just spectacular being there."

He was speaking of Jordan-Hare Stadium, where four days earlier his SU club had lost to the Auburn Tigers 37-34 in an environment that was equal parts Woodstock, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve and Madonna’s last wedding. And the Crimson Tide boys, those rascals from the other side of the state, weren’t even in town, to say nothing of the Bulldogs, Gators or Razorbacks.

Nah, it was just the Orangemen, a non-league bunch from somewhere up north … with a losing record yet. But it didn’t matter. This, because the cherished Tigers were on the other side, and that was enough for those Alabama locals to respond the way the French did when Patton’s army showed up in Paris.

The orange-clad zealots, who are in their seats fully 30 minutes prior to kickoff, thunder through choreographed cheers. The band, which is saluted upon its arrival by the big house with a standing ovation, blares. The PA system, which continuously blasts the sounds of a growling tiger, pipes in songs by the Dixie Chicks and interviews with the Auburn coaches.

Before the game, there is the great Tiger Walk during which the Auburn players march along Donahue Street through thousands of people, some of whom weep, and into the stadium. After the game, there is the mass papering of famous Toomer’s Corner downtown. And between all of that, a golden eagle circles the place before landing on the field to a deafening roar.

Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I’ve been changed forever.

© 2002 The Post-Standard.


The Blogging Economy – Rambling thoughts I’ve had in my head for weeks.

This one’s been stuck in there and I couldn’t figure out how to start it so I’m just going to spit it out.

First up let me go ahead and confess that I’m a Google Reader girl. I live in my Google Reader. At times it’s been something that I felt guilty about. If I read a post where someone was all "I’ve been working so hard on this new design, I’m hope you all like it." I rotated between two reactions <envision cartoon devil and angel on my shoulders now> "Who looks at a blog’s actual design anymore? How 2006" and "Oh I’m a complete ass-hole because I have no idea what that person’s blog looks like then or now."

Then a couple of weeks back SlackerMama posted this link to Lorelle about the Google Reader Preview Enhanced Greasemonkey Script (GPE) that allows you to view and comment on a post from within Google Reader.

And I was all like WAHOO! ‘Cause frankly I really love to comment. Generally I have nothing to say but I love to comment. I’m just nerdy that way. Suddenly I had the best of both worlds *** Chillin out take it slow, then you rock out the show *** Yicks! sorry I have a 6-year-old.  I’m back. Anyway… I had the convenience and efficiency of my beloved Reader with the option of a fast peek at the hard work of my favorite bloggers and the ability to comment quickly.

The Miss Britt also caught on to the craze and wrote a post on how using this add-on has changed her bloggy world. First I was all like – Dude I’ve so been doing that for like a week. Then I punched myself in the face and I was properly put back in my place. 

But in her post she said something that really stuck out to me because I hadn’t considered this before..

You can see pictures and text exactly the way the author intended you to see them. You give your friends pageviews which translate into ad dollars.

This struck a chord with me because I put BlogHer Ads on my site a few months back and have as yet to see one red cent from it. I’m not looking to "make money" off this site necessarily but it would be nice if my little hobby at least paid for itself.  And the thing is that even though I’ve seen readership grow slow and steady during this same time – if FeedBurner is to be believed, each and every one of you does EXACTLY WHAT I DO when I find a new blog I want to follow. Pop – it goes right into the "Add Subscription" box on my Google Reader 1,2,3. end of story and I never look back.

So Google Reader in some ways is making us the worst kind of friends to each other. We’re suck the goodness in through our feed reader and don’t return the favor via impressions. It creates an environment of takers.

Then Seth Grodin wrote this on Thursday  Ads Are The New Online Tip Jar. And it was like those old Reese’s Peanut Butter commercials where some old lady is sitting on park bench eating a jar of peanut butter (raise your hands everyone who has ever sat on a park beach eating peanut butter from a jar – yeah I thought so) and some young punk kid skateboards by and wrecks dropping his chocolate bar in her peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together – Shazam! It just all came together for me.

See using the Preview Add-on isn’t just about commenting and giving someone a written "high five." Don’t get me wrong. I love getting comments. Comments Rock. Comments are as FussyPants says, "The Crack of Blogging." We all live for comments. (Can I get an Amen?)

But what we really need to think about is just the act of previewing the entry whether we comment or not. Because even if we don’t have anything to say – we’re supporting a person who has taken to time to write something that we appreciate. Seth goes so far as to suggest that if we really like what they say we should click through an ad. Actually here is exactly what he says.

If every time you read a blog post or bit of online content you enjoyed you clicked on an ad to say thanks, the economics of the web would change immediately. You don’t have to buy anything (though it’s fine if you do). You just have to honor the writer by giving them a click.

He’s so right on with this I think. The act of viewing and clicking creates an economy in and of itself. And we can control this economy ourselves with a little effort and good will.

And I know that Motherhood Uncensored had the whole Blog the Recession in August thing going. I read that when it first started going around and it just didn’t really strike me the same way this has because it was presented as just a short term one month fad. 

I think it’s more about a change in mind-set. How we think about the blogs we like. Should we treat them as if they are free? Cruising along in a feed reader consuming them with no payment? Not the slightest bit of quid pro quo?

Maybe, if we think the author is just phoning it in, then Perhaps.

But if you really truly like what you’re reading and appreciate what someone has to say, that it took a little gray matter to get it out there. Prove It. Preview It. 

Really love it? Click an Ad. Throw them a preverbal buck in the great guitar case we all call the Internet.

And not just for a day or a week or a month. Make it the new normal.

That’s all I’m saying.

I will be.

I’ll shut up now.

I Heart Blog Awards!

Yeah!! Another Bloggy Award for my Bling section!! This one from Willow over at Apron Strings and Angst one of my Florida moms giving us a view of life after the little ones start to making their own way.

So here’s the deal

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated

And my winners are!!!


Searching for Mrs. Welby – Like me – another freshly minted Attending’s wife. Supporting her husband and getting her family through the ups, downs, and relocation of med school and training years.

Brianna’s Random Thoughts and Rants – I’ve just discovered this blog but again it’s someone who’s going through much the same thing I did in my life 12 years ago. She’s recently diagnosed with MS and looking forward to her upcoming wedding. I didn’t have blogging back then, it would have been great to have had such an outlet at that time. Keep hanging in there girl!

White Trash Mom – Yeah I know she’s huge and doesn’t need any support from me. Heck she even has  book out. But she’s not so big she can’t be nice to a little blogger like me and me and she’s recently been very supportive of my back to school issues and I want to thank her personally with this little token of gratitude.

Tropic of Mom: Life at Latitude 26: Just recently found this one too but fell instantly in love with her Florida design. Like me she’s disappointed in Faye and knows what it’s like to miss Brian Norcross. We are kindred spirits for sure.

A Glimpse Into My Life – Sarah  the SuperMom is living the good wholesome podunk life in Iowa raising 3 kids as a  SAHM. She leaves sweet comments and I heart her for that!

What’s All The Rucus? – This lady has so much going on it makes my head spin. I come here when I want to remind myself that raising 2 kids isn’t that much to take on.

Milkbreath and Margaritas – A Deep South Mom blogger who cracks me up. If she figures out where the shit faced bats live then I’m down for a road trip.

So there you are, go and enjoy!!

Hurricane Preparation

It occurs to me as we gather supplies in preparation for Fay how much your supply list is a reflection of the current state your life is in.


Your 20s

When we were in our twenties it pretty much just involved this:



imageWhat can I say we were young single, we lived in apartments and our biggest worry was parking our car somewhere that a tree wouldn’t fall on it. Using this method we weathered Hurricane Andrew.




Your 30s

Then we grew up, got married, and had babies and hurricane supplies looked like this:


image  image image image



imageWith this on hand we could make it through a week without power or potable water. Babies just need to be cleaned and dosed with formula and they pretty much just slept – leaving time for cocktail hour. This fine grouping got us through the year 5 hurricanes hit us in Florida: Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.



Your 40s

Now that the kids are older, eat real food, mostly wipe their own butts the supply list has changed yet again.

image image image image image


And then there is this:

image image

Because when your stuck in a house with a toddler and a 6 yo and NO Backyardigans or Hannah Montana for the foreseeable future – you’ve got to go with bulk.

So here comes Faye? Ready to or not….


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