Hurricane Preparation

It occurs to me as we gather supplies in preparation for Fay how much your supply list is a reflection of the current state your life is in.


Your 20s

When we were in our twenties it pretty much just involved this:



imageWhat can I say we were young single, we lived in apartments and our biggest worry was parking our car somewhere that a tree wouldn’t fall on it. Using this method we weathered Hurricane Andrew.




Your 30s

Then we grew up, got married, and had babies and hurricane supplies looked like this:


image  image image image



imageWith this on hand we could make it through a week without power or potable water. Babies just need to be cleaned and dosed with formula and they pretty much just slept – leaving time for cocktail hour. This fine grouping got us through the year 5 hurricanes hit us in Florida: Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.



Your 40s

Now that the kids are older, eat real food, mostly wipe their own butts the supply list has changed yet again.

image image image image image


And then there is this:

image image

Because when your stuck in a house with a toddler and a 6 yo and NO Backyardigans or Hannah Montana for the foreseeable future – you’ve got to go with bulk.

So here comes Faye? Ready to or not….


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7 thoughts on “Hurricane Preparation

  1. Oh God, no Backyardigans? I’ll pray for you.
    Seriously, though…stay safe!

  2. holy crap, no TV?!?! i wouldn’t know how to keep them entertained. oh wait, the gallons of wine will keep me goofy and them entertained… 🙂
    hang in there!

  3. Fay’s a pansy.
    Just kidding Murphy’s Law.

  4. Hysterical – I love these supplies! All I got was some batteries, some tuna, and some caulk for the cracks in my house. LAME. And it sprinkled, once. LAMER. Anyway, you were SO much better prepared than I was.

  5. Love that alcohol remained a constant! Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s dependent on the TV.

  6. Hahaha!
    Coming to you from Morningside Mom.

  7. He, he….So true!

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