A Perfect Moment of Joy

FuzzyHead’s first pumpkin. It’s the first year we dared let her near Daddy and his extreme carving extravaganza.


The “Free Taco”

imageThe Dr. is both a fan of Taco Bell and Major League Baseballs so imagine his excitement  upon hearing there were free tacos to be had were their stolen bases. He immediately had me use That Internet Thing to look up the details. What found in their legalize had us rolling on the floor.




…If a base is stolen during regulation or extra innings play by any player for either team during any Game, Taco Bell will offer every person in the U.S. the opportunity to obtain one (1) free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco (the "Free Taco")…

imageYou will evidently be required to use those little finger “air quotey” things when ordering.

We are no longer able to discuss tacos without using the finger motions.

But let’s move on shall we.

…Participating Taco Bell restaurant manager reserves the right to deny Free Taco to any person he/she reasonably believes has already received a Free Taco or has engaged in any other fraudulent activity. …

image I’m wondering if Taco Bell has been frantically dispersing emergency training sessions to it’s store managers on how to handle this New Power.  “How to Determine Someone’s Free Taco Status” must be riveting! Beware of the head games your local store manager will be playing that day people! And other fraudulent activity? Exactly what other taco related forms of fraud are there?

…All restaurant managers’ decisions are final regarding to Free Taco offer. …

Cause you DO NOT want to mess with this DUDE!!!!







As a condition of the offer, each consumer agrees: (a) to release, and hold harmless Major League Baseball … from any and all claims, demands, losses, promises, causes of action, injuries, damages and/or liabilities, that may arise, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from the participation in this Promotion or from the receipt or use or misuse of the Free Taco, 


Ushering our Daughters into the White House

One of the most memorable things that was said during the campaigning this year was when Hillary was speaking at the convention and she said that her mother was born before women had the right to vote but that this year her daughter had voted for her mother for President. That really struck a cord for me. We’ve come so far and we’re getting so close. Puddin’ and I early voted earlier in the week, and in four years we’ll go again and take FuzzyHead with us. This is one of the many traditions that I’m proud to be passing down to my daughters.

I’ve become a PTA Mom

I know, sounds like a confession doesn’t it. As a working mom who’s spent years being intimidated by the SAH Alpha Moms I took what was, for me, a big leap of courage and threw hat into the PTA ring today. And you know what? It didn’t hurt at all. In fact it was kind of fun!

We have one of those schools who is for the most part upper middle class two income families who are, for the most part, happy to write a check when there need but who just don’t have the time to do a whole lot else. As a result we have a very high membership rate but a very low participation and volunteer rate. I am as guilty as the next parent. Don’t ask me to sell magazines, just tell me what my fair share of the fundraiser would be – what is the target goal profit per child – and I will just give you a check for that amount. Seriously  – I do not want the overpriced ugly wrapping paper, nor do I have room in my freezer for 5 tubs of cookie dough – but I am willing to let my checkbook do it’s fair share of shouldering the burden of supporting our kids.

So I feel guilty about not giving from my time as much as I will from my wallet. So I took a deep breath and approached the president and asked what I could do. Turns out they need me. Me! How sweet is that. They need someone to help them raise parent engagement through enhanced communication! Hello! That would be me. Internet geek extraordinaire.  So I stood there gushing about blogs and email and twitter and you know what they listened. They were even excited. They did not make me feel like the 7th grade reject. They liked me, they really liked me.

So I am officially a PTA committee member. Me. If you only knew me in person you’d know how funny that is. But I’m stupid excited about it.

Is your PTA doing something great to engage the parents? Psst… tell me about it.  Help me get off to a great start!

The Ex List

image So far… favorite new show of the season. Elizabeth Reaser is perfection on a stick in this this role of the whacky Bella Bloom – who is told she has a year to reconnect with an old love or spend the rest of her life single.

But what really makes this show for me is the supporting cast. Love the roommates and the sister! And the dialogue – think Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 – before they fell in love with themselves. Seriously.

I’m hooked, HOOKED, after one show. But I’m sitting here wondering… the most obviously question …. what happens with season 2 if she only has a year to find Mr Right?

Of course it has the same crappy timeslot that Moonlight had – and that was the death knell for that show so maybe the one year thing might not be an issue.

So if you liked Grey’s from the beginning, check this show out. It’s funny and fun and smart and sweet. She’s kind of the anti-Merideth. She’s so open it’s frightening. But hilarious and you hey I learned what a merkin was!

Watch the entire episode here