How to Save A Life

Please feel free to hum The Fray song to yourself as you read this post because it’s been stuck in my head since I started thinking typing …

Last week I saved a life. Or at least kept some poor little kid out of the hospital with heat stroke on Halloween night.

You see last week we had a freak day of coolish weather. And by coolish I mean 72 and breezy. But given that the weekend before it was 94 well 72 felt like “Hello Fall!! We’ve been waiting for you Baby!” – and thus the entire population of north Florida went shopping for Fall.

In my case it was costume shopping.. we take Halloween seriously in the Formerly Pink Palace so I found myself wandering through one of the many fly-by-night costume stores that crop us this time of year.

I was happily browsing along when I heard these two ladies about 3 or 4 feet from me selecting some little darling’s first real honest to goodness trick-or-treat costume. They were so excited that they had moved from the big presumably bad city to little junior was finally going to get to go door to door and demand treats. Can’t say as I blame them I thought to myself, I’ve been there done that myself.

I steal a glance over and see something that sets my heart pounding, they are looking at things like this (cue psycho music)

image image

Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against Scooby or Elmo. It’s just oh my god lady your in Florida now and your kid is going to die if you put him in that!!!

So then I was faced with what to do… do I walk over and admit I’ve been listening to them talk. Do I violate that unspoken rule that says that even when you can’t help overhearing complete strangers in public you still act like you can’t hear them. Do I break the bubble?

Maybe… maybe it will help if I wander closer first. So I went a little closer and then picked up the most light-weight costume on the rack and pretended to seriously consider it (even through both my kids costumes have already been purchased)  .. and then it worked… one of them seeing me look at Fairy that was little more than a bathing suit with tull remarked out loud, “I wonder what the weather is like her by Halloween?”

Ahh the break I had been looking for. I looked over smiled .. and asked if they had just moved here. The Mom had, the Aunt was visiting. I then explained that most likely it would be “hot” on Halloween by their standards and their little sweetheart would suffocate if they weren’t in something very breathable. “Oh” they said, “We never would have considered that. We always needed extra warmth.”

They ended up leaving with a breezy pirate costume and I left with the feeling that I had just saved some kid from a Halloween disaster of being so hot after three houses that they wanted to go home.

So how about you guys? What are you going to be for Halloween? Did you pick yet?


One thought on “How to Save A Life

  1. Ohmygoodness, totally! I was just lamenting to my husband that so many of the costumes — especially for the really little ones — are soooo hot. And I’m like, look, it’s still hot here in *Thanksgiving*, nevermind Halloween. I have no idea what my son or I are going to be, but I’ll probably end up making the costumes, not buying them. 🙂

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