The Ex List

image So far… favorite new show of the season. Elizabeth Reaser is perfection on a stick in this this role of the whacky Bella Bloom – who is told she has a year to reconnect with an old love or spend the rest of her life single.

But what really makes this show for me is the supporting cast. Love the roommates and the sister! And the dialogue – think Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 – before they fell in love with themselves. Seriously.

I’m hooked, HOOKED, after one show. But I’m sitting here wondering… the most obviously question …. what happens with season 2 if she only has a year to find Mr Right?

Of course it has the same crappy timeslot that Moonlight had – and that was the death knell for that show so maybe the one year thing might not be an issue.

So if you liked Grey’s from the beginning, check this show out. It’s funny and fun and smart and sweet. She’s kind of the anti-Merideth. She’s so open it’s frightening. But hilarious and you hey I learned what a merkin was!

Watch the entire episode here

One thought on “The Ex List

  1. Thanks for the review…I wondered about this show!
    My new favorite show of the season is **shhh**90210**shh** Don’t tell anyone, k?

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