Best Birthday Present Puddin Received


Here’s a little tip for you If you’re shopping for holiday presents for a 7 year old. Puddin’ received this version of Hasbro’s Guess Who for her birthday and we’ve been playing it non-stop for days.

I don’t think she even remembers I bough her a Nintendo DS. All she wants to do is play this game. And the beauty of it… she can play it with other children. It does not require adult participation  Yeah!!!

It reminds me of Battleship but instead of guessing a location on a grid your guessing the character they chose on their side by asking questions like “Does your person have brown eyes?”  If the answer is no you can use the little door to cover up all brown eyed people and by process of elimination guess who the other person choose.

Hours Hours the kids have been playing this game!!!

This version folds up into a traveling case and has fancy red and green buttons that you push for yes and no that light up and have sound effects so I think that is part of the fascination. I think there are less fancy versions of the game so I’m not sure without the bells and whistles they would like it so much.

This is a perfect gift for a gift exchange where you didn’t know gender. We’ve had everyone from 5 to 10 year olds playing it. I’ll definitely be getting one to throw in our Angel Tree bag this year.


One thought on “Best Birthday Present Puddin Received

  1. Thanks for the rec! This could be a good gift for my nephew this year.

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