Taking Back The Childs Birthday Party (or Kids Just Want To Have Fun)

Puddin’s has a poorly timed birthday. It’s in mid October right when we start getting down to serious holiday planning  and I get all kinds of aggrevated forking out hundreds of $$ for birthday when I know Christmas is right around the corner. It’s not her fault of course so I try to never skimp on the presents but this year I did take matters into my own hands a bit with the party… I’m done paying big $$ for kid birthday experience extravaganza party– DONE I tell you.

So you know what we did – we had a Pancake & Pajama Party.

We put together a simple invitation using Word, printed out copies at home inviting her friends to come over on Saturday morning at 8:45 in the pajamas to decorate pancakes and play Wii.

We had 16 kids over from 3 to 10 and they had a freaking blast.

They played Wii and not even the newest game we had but they chose to play good old standard baseball so the most number of people could play even the little ones – our kids are awesome!!


And I corralled a couple of laptops and put together a WebKinz station. The idea of logging into Webkinz right next to your friend. Freakin’ mindblowing…


Then we decorated pancakes with all kinds of fun stuff like fruit and M&Ms



Then headed outside for presents


And then they played on the yard… you know like we used to do… for an hour!


It didn’t take $100s of dollars or a donated organ or heck even a decorated cake to create a party that the kids enjoyed. We got them together and let them play with games/activities that we already had – and they had fun just being together in a big group.

And they all thought it was extra fun because they were in their pajamas. Because they are kids!!! They make their own fun. We parents need to try and remember that sometimes I think.


6 thoughts on “Taking Back The Childs Birthday Party (or Kids Just Want To Have Fun)

  1. My son’s birthday is December 14th – and I would STILL refuse to do the extravaganza gala if it was in June.
    YAY for more mother’s keeping things in perspective!

  2. Fabulous!!! Wish I could’ve been there – looks so fun!! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I refuse to participate in the “my kid’s party cost more than your’s” garbage. We don’t even give (GASP) goodie bags. I hate the whole birthday party industry. I like baking cupcakes, playing games, and hanging out. I would love to have been invited to the party at your house. It sounds great!

  4. What a great party idea!

  5. This is BRILLIANT. What a great party idea. Thank goodness for parents who know when to say when.

  6. How awesome! What a great idea. I totally agree with the thought of not going crazy with parties anymore. I had a few parties spending over $500 and for what, kids don’t really care…they are all about having fun, plain and simple. High tech equipment and entertainment is not always required. Do with what you have…great idea!

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