Best Photoshop Action Ever!!

Are you one of those people that is always hiding behind the camera so you don’t have to be in front of it? ME TOO!!!!

All that might be about to change though! I recently found THE BEST PHOTOSHOP ACTION EVER!! I had the these picture from Halloween and they looked yuck. I had on a ton of makeup because well it was Halloween and it was dark and well how the heck you can see after a few cocktails flash pictures of me just came out a weird combination of splotchy and shiny. Note to self, there is such a thing as too much glitter makeup on Halloween. See. That’s me on the left. Yuck. 


Normally a shot like this would just go in the delete pile but I really liked this picture and wanted it to look as cute as we really did. So I started Googling how to try and airbrush the picture myself. What I stumbled across was this: Mama’s Powder. (Please note I am not being paid one red cent to say this, in fact I paid her.) It looked pretty cool so I forked out $25 to save myself the headache of trying to learn how to do it myself. And viola!!


Granted that was my first try at it but it’s pretty awesome. Easy to use. Simple to learn. Way Cool. And and easy to undo if you overdo it. Which trust me you will because it’s so much fun!

So yeah! Now I’m more likely to keep pictures of myself and just fix them. Now if only Mama had a butt reducer then I’d be set!!!


4 thoughts on “Best Photoshop Action Ever!!

  1. Wow – that is amazing!

  2. You look great! What are you talking about? That looks like a cute top too.
    I have to say, though, that action looks fantastic. Even if it’s $25.

  3. Hey, that worked well. (not that your first shot was bad, mind you!) I’m all about the photoshop actions. Sometimes they can really save some shots I’d otherwise delete.

  4. That is so awesome. I am totally guilty of touching up our pics too. My kids are going to look at them in 10 years and think, man mom you didn’t have any wrinkles til you were 60. Yeah…wink, wink.

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