Evidently there is no vacation in blogging…

The internet police have officially yelled at me and given me my warning. Evidently holidays or not there is no vacationing in blogging. My last post was two days before Thanksgiving.. and then I was gone for a while. One would assume that meant a little time away right… Guess it wasn’t that clear.

With Thanksgiving being late this year and December smacking into us like a truck it’s been an all out scramble to get the ba-jillion lights up this years. After 10 straight days we finally finished the FRONT yard last night.. well kind of. I’m not happy with one part and it will need to be redone. We’ll start the back yard this weekend after we cut the grass back there on more time before Christmas. Yes the grass is still growing.

The shopping is mostly done. All the remains are little things like teacher gifts.. oh and The Dr. -  Crap I have no idea what to get him.

We have the two trees up inside but only one decorated. Anyone want to guess what I’m doing tonight? This is the annual Mama drinks wine and NO ONE touches MY tree while I decorate it night. (The kids have their own tree).

Then it’s wrap-a-pa-looza. All with real cloth ribbon and bows because the cats eat all that plastic junk.

All this sound complicated? Then maybe you’ll understand why the 10 days or so following Thanksgiving always wipe me out. And there is not much time for blogging. But I promise give me a few more days and I’ll bore you to death with the details and the pictures.

Merry Christmas